Tron Founder Brags About High-Priced BAYC Purchase

Tron Founder Brags About High-Priced BAYC Purchase

What do Tron and Bored Ape Yacht Club have in common? Justin Sun, the crypto billionaire known for his cringy—if not outright objectionable—shenanigans in social media and the world of cryptocurrencies recently acquired BAYC #6666 for the handsome sum of 150,000,000 TRX (equivalent to ~$15 million USD at the time of purchase), not only making it the largest BAYC purchase ever but also one of the largest PFP purchases in history by US dollar value. 

Tron and its affiliate, the BitTorrent chain, are a long way from innovation and development so Justin has been on an anti-Ethereum rampage to draw attention from the leading NFT and DeFi protocol in favor of Tron, Binance and other Ethereum competitors. By now, most recognize that his extravagant social media stunts are simply publicity stunts. 

Justin pulled out $2.4 billion worth of staked assets from the Aave protocol back in October, which led to sparks within the DeFi and related communities. 

This purchase of a BAYC for an astronomical sum is likely to draw attention to Tron’s launch of its own NFT initiatives, including a new market, since most are completely unaware of Tron’s blockchain use cases. But whereas Ethereum scaled up through innovation, community and creativity, Tron is currently built on little more than aggressive marketing.

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