Fake News Walt Disney releases 1st ever NFT Collaboration

Fake News Walt Disney releases 1st ever NFT Collaboration

Disney this week solidified their move into Non Fungible Tokens with the art collaboration “Big Boy Pants 2”.

Radically different from their recent collaboration with Ivan On Tech “Big Boy Pants”, it is clear to see Disney has chosen the NFT space to further their world media domination.

Owners of the iconic artwork, which features the body of the Original Disney character Steamboat Willie (It could be Mickey Mouse, our researcher got bored investigating) promises the owner protection upon entry into the mythical altcoin forest, with a dire warning: Your pants, your coins, your gains, your responsibility.

Crypto twitter and the NFT community have appreciated Ivan on Tech’s warnings that “you might get rekt” and invaluable advice such as “altcoins might go up, or they might stay the same, or they might go down.

A Disney spokesperson stated “we see this as an incredible opportunity to enter a fast growing, under exploited space and hope to continue our series of releases with ground breaking items such as “Big Boy Pants 3” and maybe even “Big Boy Pants 4”.

NFT twitter and Rarible clearly loved the release of such visionary work, with tributes and artwork supporting the style being minted almost instantly. Artist releases new work without pretentious description - Sells!

It was rumored this week that something incredible happened. An artist minted a single NFT without a description full of pretentious bollocks., conveying the emotion or setting the scene for the piece and unbelievably: it sold.(edited)

The piece, a simple, aesthetically pleasing digital painting, was unbelievably not connected to either crypto or politics and contained zero meme content.

Whilst we are busy searching for the scene-breaking artist, we have but speculation to go on.

Rumours abound around the work, the meta-data is not hosted on-chain, simply on the servers of the platform it was minted on.

The artist minted the work with a title, and simply placed in the description that they had used one, single, yet to be named art package to create the work.

The art was teased with a simple twitter post, naming the work, with the footnote "a happy accident".

Like you , dear reader - we are astounded.

We will update with further evidence as we have it.

Whilst this must be, the unicorn of the art scene, we may report on further examples of "quite good" but unpretentious works as we find them.

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