Shameless Shilling: $DONK  is now live on UNISWAP II.

Shameless Shilling: $DONK is now live on UNISWAP II.


Coming to discord bot soon with a kickass logo designed by the legend himself JOY! Coingecko application is in and fingers crossed!


Lots will be available with TSB’s native currency $SAND only.

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I just dropped 100 $ETH ($39,000) on $SAND in prep for the final @TheSandboxGame land sale, i sold some plots way too soon, and i'm FOMOing back in. You can grab sand from @UniswapProtocol or @binance - I think it's currently close to it's all time low.


SteadyBreaks are pioneering the way for Digital Asset breaks.

Live breaks is the most enjoyable way to break open packages of digital assets. Born out of the NBA Top Shot scene, they are now breaking more than just packs of NBA moments. From Avastars to $DONK shards, they have ventured into a new category of digital breaks.

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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