Shameless Shilling: tiny Crypto Art Gallery

Shameless Shilling: tiny Crypto Art Gallery

The team behind The tiny Crypto Art Gallery first purchased crypto in 2017 for CryptoKitties. There are no whales behind this project.

They’ve since put everything on the NFT markets, because they believe. They believe in crypto art. They believe in play to earn & the future of gaming. You’ve heard of #stronghands. They’re #tinyhands. They #HODL strong.

The team noticed a disparity between artists collected. Why can’t everyone enjoy the thrill of collecting? Good art is good art. Quality is not dictated by price. Unlike some others, the group is proud of their #tinyhands. They have a selection of “high-end” pieces, but the foundation of the gallery is built on underdog artists.

Land for the gallery was purchased in Decentraland (Parcel 55,90) back in October 2020. Their site is located just across the street from KnownOrigin and SuperRare. The gallery is currently under construction with the team headed by designer Desiree Casoni, and Voxel Architects on the build. They are anticipating an opening before the end of the year. You can view their collection here. Artists interested in donating to the gallery can send to the following Ethereum address: 0xf41589c9d0eF20f354155cbf586ab5ba419F12fa

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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