Shameless Shilling: What is Harem?

Shameless Shilling: What is Harem?

Harem’s AI generates women who do not exist from scratch, immortalized in photorealistic detail as ERC-1155 NFTs. The owners of these NFTs can use the women in their “Harem” to create their own videos starring their Harem’s girls (such as the examples seen in the following links 12345), or can “stake” their NFT. Staking the NFT makes the woman in the NFT available for anyone to use in video creation through Harem’s technology. When a woman in a staked NFT is used in a video, the NFT owner receives a portion of profits from the resulting video creation charge.

Claressa Biggens, Harem’s most popular NFT to date

Anna Harem, Harem’s “logo model” and the face of their token.

The first 10 Redlion Gazzette readers who join the Harem Token telegram and message the admins using the code REDLION will receive the below NFT of “The Red Lioness” free of charge. Check out Harem Token today and stay tuned for their token sale starting Dec 15th!

To the question if real people simp on these AI generated babes, the Harem team replied with proof of simping:

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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