Shameless Shilling: What is Art Blocks?

Shameless Shilling: What is Art Blocks?

Art Blocks is an NFT platform driven by generative content. Creators immortalize an algorithm on the Ethereum blockchain and then collectors mint tokens that represent the results of running that algorithm.

Take the Chromie Squiggle, the platform’s logo, as an example.

Each time a squiggle is minted the Chromie Squiggle algorithm generates a unique squiggle. It happens automatically. Upon mint the server renders a static image that represents the NFT for marketplaces like OpenSea to be able to display it. Collectors can then also visit their token in the live script view which allows for creators to make the content interactive if they choose. For example if you visit the live script of a Chromie Squiggle and click on it you’ll see it come to life as the colors start to move.

Genesis Project by DCA

Content creators deploy their scrips as a “project” and set the price and maximum number of mints. The project will continue to generate unique outputs until that maximum number is reached after which the project is considered sold out and the only way to acquire one is to explore secondary markets. 

Think of each output from the Art Blocks platform as a 1 of 1 of 100 for example. Each project script is a sort of “template” for a generative output. When a token is minted, the Ethereum blockchain provides randomness that turns that “template” into a unique work of art.

Insert coin, get algorithmically generated art! Try it out on Rinkeby!

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