Shameless Shilling: $COKE

Shameless Shilling: $COKE

You saw $COKE trading on CoinGecko at an evaluation of $228,800.00. You don’t understand what’s happening. This is no “joke currency.” $COKE is culture. $COKE is status.

$COKE Coingecko

This altcoin came from fractionalized Axie #2646, “Cocaine Cowboy,” sharded on the NIFTEX platform. 10,000 shards were minted, and over 6,000 shards have been gifted to artists that have used the Axie in their work. So far dozens of pieces have been minted, fostering a community of creativity. For more information on $COKE we recommend reading, “The Story of cloudwhite and $COKE,” and “Player Spotlight: cloudwhite.”

The “Price of $COKE Up” crypto art contest ended on 10/31. Winners will be announced on 11/11. Come, draw a line of $COKE with us.

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