Shameless Shilling: Strain NFT

Shameless Shilling: Strain NFT

The general theme is locking up LP tokens to generate a rare cannabis collectable, and earning yield as a result. Core NFT functionality (generation in the Apothecary) is going live on 11/27, with further plans to release breeding (Greenhouse), a marketplace (Dispensary) and a decentralised governance module.

Strain NFT received a partnership grant from Matic to bring a layer 2 solution to their revolutionary ecosystem, have already successfully launched an LP mine including an XIOTRI partnership, and launched single asset staking on 11/19.

The ecosystem at large is powered by the primary utility token $STRN, with a current market cap of around $300k. $STXP, intended as a breeding and yield amplifier, can also be earned when you stake $STRN.

General overview

Most recent update




UI Teaser

Gen 1 NFT Teaser

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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