Shameless Shilling: NFThub

Shameless Shilling: NFThub

There are a few people who will remember my [BruceTheGoose] vision for The Goose Nest, intended to be an NFT minting platform by artists, for artists; with curation, a self-driven internal economy, and a native social network to allow creators and collectors to network more easily. Months into building it, and trying to get any kind of help from the numerous people who praised the idea; I ran out of money, and I can’t write a smart contract.  Shortly after that, June saw the creation of Nifty Pride.  Originally meant to simply be a Pride Parade in Cryptovoxels while the real world was in lockdown; it became a permanent institution in the Metaverse as an initiative to support, encourage, and showcase LGTBQ+ creators in the NFT space, and serve as a welcoming space for queer individuals who may otherwise be deterred from entering the blockchain ecosystem due to the fact that the tech and finance industries are historically male-dominant. To my dismay; that too quickly turned into something that I was the only person focusing on or contributing to. So, while Nifty Pride still very much exists, and will happily support LGBTQ+ people in the space to the best of my ability; I decided to revisit the original vision, which has since evolved to something that’s sure to rock the Metaverse at its very core.

NFThub; planned to become a vast ecosystem and a “meta-community” is, to start, a directory to  all things non-fungible. Included in the earliest alpha release, tentatively planned for a couple weeks from now; will be the following features: A community curated list of projects, games, collectibles, marketplaces, etc. surrounding NFTs, a public calendar allowing anyone to submit their event and relevant information (for which we’ve partnered with POAP), an in-house, cross-chain DEX, a community forum for open discussion of anything related to NFTs; or damn near any topic realistically, within reason. Sub-community creation that can have either a public or private format, each containing it’s own individual social feed, and a variety of integrated tools that we’ve collaborated with creators of to include directly in the platform. The first tools we’ve added are NFT Scribe, by Conlan; allowing anyone to append an on-chain message to any erc721 that they own, and NFT Multisend, created by our partners at Zero Utility, allowing batch-sending of NFT’s and erc-20s.

As the platform evolves, a ton of new features will be added; many of which are already being prepared or have the green light from their respective owners/creators. Additionally, Nifty Pride will find it’s new home within the NFThub platform, as will several other projects that have been the brainchild of the team as a whole or by individual members. There has been very little noise made about NFThub until now, and there wasn’t any private or public ICO. While it likely would have raised enough funds to build it faster, I wanted to know for certain that there would be a solid foundation, and tangible proof of intent before offering any kind of presale; because I am 100% committed to the quality of the project, and to it’s focus on the community to which I owe more than I can put into words. I’ll include some links, and there will be an official announcement soon regarding our presale NFT, and the benefits it will provide to its owners. I’d like to sincerely thank Red Lion Eye for providing the perfect outlet for this “press release” and would am happy to invite you, reader, to join our community discord and if you’d like to get involved in the project, please don’t hesitate to let us know. This isn’t meant to be a privately owned and controlled product; when we launch, it will be as a DAO, with everyone having a chance for their voice to be heard and acknowledged. 

At its core, NFThub is my way of giving back to the entire NFT community; a testament to my appreciation for having literally saved my life and for giving me purpose. Here’s to you, citizens of the Metaverse. I’m honored to be on this journey with you, and incredibly excited to start sharing everything NFThub has in store for the coming year. Sincerely(and Immutably) Yours, ~BruceTheGoose





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