Shameless Shilling: Lucky Maneki

Shameless Shilling: Lucky Maneki

They can take shape of cats, robots, zombies, prominent personalities, and many others. The artwork was created in multiple layers by a team of 21 artists from around the World. These layers were used to programmatically generate the resulting images in a random fashion. Each artwork is ensured to be unique and of varying rarity that is determined by a combination of some of the 412 possible traits. There is a total of 14,159 Manekis – all of them are derivative of the 40 Original artist creations also known as Epic Manekis.

What makes Maneki so lucky? There are a whole host of rewards and challenges that come with them, including:

  • Hunt for clues to unlock the Lucky Chest. The treasure hunt will have you teaming up with our Maneki fans to search for hidden glyphs, symbols, letters and numbers to decipher the encoded phrase.
  • Names are like labels, they stick. Once you have named your Maneki, that name will be seen on the blockchain forever. No two Manekis can have the same name, so make sure you choose something totally unique to yourself! Names can be changed for free (except gas fees)
  • Fair pricing. Manekis will be mintable on June 30 at 0.075 ETH and the initial sale will be at a flat rate.
  • Collection also contains Legendary Manekis. If a collector is able to collect a specific set of Manekis by a specified date, they will receive an exclusive reward, minted in a very limited quantity.

We have also committed to allocate 5% of all the sales for future community-driven initiatives where the active collectors are able to determine and vote on how these funds will be used. We have an extensive roadmap displayed on our website and we can’t wait to see what the sale and future of the project will look like.


Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Lucky Maneki here

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