Shameless Shilling: JOYWORLD

Shameless Shilling: JOYWORLD

JOYWORLD is a place in virtual space where everyone and thing is conspiring to make you feel JOYful and creative. Hopefully it gives you pronoia when you experience it. This is like the opposite of paranoia. We flip a switch in your mind and you begin to think everything in life is conspiring to work out in your advantage.

JOYs are the beings from JOYWORLD. Each JOY is a 1:1 muse with magical powers who can be traded on the Ethereum Blockchain.

When you own a JOY, you inherit its magic powers. Some JOYs also create JOYtoys and can earn ETH for the JOY Collector who possesses that JOY.

JOYtoys are limited edition objects created for JOYs and humans.

They are made by me - JOY, JOYs, JOY Collectors, and other friends and artists who love JOYWORLD.

NFT42 built the JOYtoy Machine contract. This contract enables an original to be created and uploaded into the JOYtoy Machine.

JOY Collectors can go to the machine and make their own JOYtoys any time they are still available. This JOYtoy contract is very rad!

Here are some of the capabilities:

User Self-Minting (the JOYtoy Machine)

Open or Capped Numbered Editions

Batch Minting for JOY

Multidimensional, Multi-File Support hosted on The Interplanetary File System

Split Royalties for up to 5 collaborators at the point of sale

Royalty splits for JOY Collectors when they are the owner of a JOY that makes a JOYtoy

On-Chain Royalties (that we are trying to get platforms to respect)

On-Chain Metadata

Original Artwork is Owned by the Smart Contract

Variable Pricing (in case ETH gets too high, we can bring a JOYtoys price down)

Some of these seemingly simple things, open an entire world of new possibilities and opportunities in JOYWORLD and this is really just the beginning.

The Multidimensional, Multi-File Support is a very exciting development! Each JOYtoy has a bucket of files. Currently, 500x500 Animated PNG, 2000x2000 PNG, USDZ, GLB, 500x500 GIF, and up to 20 in total can be added.

The idea here is to openly provide everyone the files to add them into their experiences and worlds. A JOYtoy collector can access a still image, animations, and augmented reality (JOYvision) files today and will be able to access more in the future.

The lessons learned with the JOYtoy contract will be migrated over to the next version of the JOY contract. In 2021 we will most likely fork the JOY contract for a second time and expand the capabilities of JOYs and their JOY Collectors + many more surprises!

JOYWORLD is here to help you feel JOYful and creative. It is my mission to explore these creative avenues to liberate our collective creativity. My hope is that JOYWORLD inspires you to create your own verse in this ever expanding meta!

Peace, Love, JOY!






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