Shameless Shilling: ETH-MEN

Shameless Shilling: ETH-MEN

ETH-MEN are a first of their kind NFT focussed on bringing the age-old experience of collectible action figures to the Ethereum blockchain. Each limited edition ETH-MAN comes uniquely packaged with a figure, accessories, and a nostalgic dilemma familiar to all true collectors. “Should I open it?”


Initially each ETH-MEN figure was purchased as a ‘front-card’ which consisted of the character figure and accessories. The informational ‘card-back’ would later be sent to the owner of the front-card. Though effective, after a few figure releases a more elegant approach was discovered and implemented, ushering in ETH-MEN 2.0. All future releases now include front cards and card-backs merged into a single NFT.

Galactic hoarders and completists can view their neatly curated ETH-MEN collections and unpack their figures at

Unpacking the figure initiates a 'burning' of the original front-card package, figure, and accessories. Followed by a minting of a new replacement NFT. A 3D model (GLB-file) of the unpacked ETH-MEN figure along with it’s card-back cutout.


You should see these animated 3D models in motion. So great!!!

You can check out all of the available ETH-MEN figures here

and here

ETH-MEN Avatars

What better way to showcase your ETH-MEN allegiance than avatars! Ultra-rare, stylishly illustrated character icons. Ideal for use on Twitter, Discord, OpenSea, Rarible, all over the universe!

ETH-MEN avatars are distributed in a couple of different ways. Some are auctioned, while others are put on sale at times only announced following the release of new figures. Only 12 unique individual avatars are created per ETH-MEN figure, so you might consider joining the ETH-MEN Discord for your best shot at your favorite!

You can check out the whole collection here.

ETH-MEN Comics

ETH-MEN action figures have already opened the inter-dimensional gateway for collectors far and wide. Now owners of the incredible ETH-MEN comic NFT can experience the epic space adventure one page-turn at a time! The release of the ETH-MEN comics is here to take YOU for a ride across 6 Galaxies! Prepare to be dazzled by excellent art, charming characters, action packed pages full of twists, turns, perhaps even…A treasure hunt?

Now, let’s hurry down this wormhole. Much like traditional comic releases ETH-MEN comics feature variant editions available for each release.


1. Standard Edition:

A total of 250 copies are released for everyday reading. The packaging and cover show a bit of wear and tear. Nothing too fancy or valuable here, except this is still indeed the first ETH-MEN comic release! (Not to be confused with the First Edition)

2. First Edition:

A total of 125 copies are released with a special “First Edition” stamp on the cover. Unlike the standard edition, these are in fact rare, valuable and desirable. Perhaps best to keep these sealed and unpack/read a Standard Edition copy!


3. Black & White Edition:

A total of 90 copies are released in Black and White, showcasing all original illustrations without any color. These are pretty special!

4. Sketch Edition:

The rarest edition of all, with a total of only 65 copies in existence. Amazing to see how the artist's raw sketches set the stage for the extraordinary storyline. While traditional comics seldom release their sketches, these are being made available for our most avid collectors to own a piece of digital history!

When initially purchased each comic NFT is encased and sealed as one would expect to find at your favorite comic shop. When you’re ready to read simply navigate to the ETH-MEN storefront and unpack your comic. Of course once you unpack you will burn the packaging!

Once a comic is unpacked the seal is removed and all of the available comic pages will load for your immediate reading pleasure. You may notice you only have a small number of pages with a limited amount of material to read and say to yourself “What in the Zieg is this ****!”. Don’t get your spacesuit in a bunch. As the story progresses, more and more pages are added to the opened comic every week. Thank you IPFS!

You can check out all the ETH-MEN Comics here:

Enter Space Reavers!

We are very excited to share our new collaboration with zakalwe-x!

We have been big fans of his artwork for some time now. So when we had our first look at his recent bounty hunter series we knew that Space Reavers belonged in the ETH-MEN universe. So we’ve built a custom ERC-721 contract for Zakalwe-x which he will control entirely. Each of his original 1 of a kind NFT Space Reavers has been integrated into the ETH-MEN site, and they look simply amazing. Thank you Zakalwe-x! Almost forgot, we’ll be creating a line of Space Reaver ETH-MEN action figures as well!

The Grand Reptilian Council - A Crossover of Cosmic Proportions!

Crucifore along with Korplore, Dildore, and Cryptore make up the Grand Reptilian Council. An ancient cabal of shapeshifters manipulating humankind! These overlords are the focus of a new animated comedy pilot ‘Hail Draconis!’ currently in development with @trucefilms and @_dirtypuppet. Their ongoing crypto-entertainment campaign pairs with the ETH-MEN universe so well we’ve agreed to an epic multidimensional crossover.

We will be releasing ETH-MEN action figures of all four of the Grand Reptilian Council, plus a special edition Lord Zieg figure based on their crossover animated Lord Zieg card. The Grand Reptilian Council also has plans to airdrop one random 1st edition ‘Hail Draconis’ character card NFT to every unique buyer of their first crossover ETH-MEN figure.

IPFS - The Way Forward!

We love the InterPlanetary File System! (IPFS) This is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. IPFS uses content-addressing to uniquely identify each file in a global namespace connecting all computing devices. We strive to get both metadata and all images on IPFS. We avoid anything HTTPS, other than the link to our website.


ETH-MEN are digital action figures, collectibles, comics, pieces of unique comic art. The different contracts are ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens, for the avatars and subscriptions, and ERC-1155 for the ETH-MEN figures and Comics. The full collections are available on Rarible and Opensea.






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