Shameless Shilling: AGAH

Shameless Shilling: AGAH

We take pride in building an inclusive, welcoming, and positive community for folks to learn, share art, and run auctions. AGAH started on April 17, 2020 primarily as an auction house centered around the Enjin community, but throughout its growth has grown to support multiple NFT art platforms and various blockchains. In less than a year, we’ve been able to grow our telegram to over 900 wonderful members and facilitated hundreds of sales for artists and collectors! 

Participating is easy! Simply join our telegram and join the conversation! Introduce yourself and get acquainted with members of the community. Auctions run on a weekly basis, Tuesday-Friday 1PM-6PM PST (We plan on expanding hours soon!). Each auction runs 1 hour and bids are made right in the telegram chat (hooray for no-gas bids!).

As an artist/collector, you can book an auction slot via dm (@danilpan0) on Fridays 10AM PST when slots are announced, demand is extremely high so be quick! 

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