Shameless Shilling:

Shameless Shilling:

Was lucky enough to mint a few BAYC on drop night, and also got into Art Blocks relatively early. When it comes to, I started with a Discord bot that would query and display floor prices for a bunch of projects my circle and I were interested in.

From there I decided to make a web application for my own personal use to leverage the same logic, but pull from my OpenSea account. I quickly realized that there could be a nice market for the site since nothing else like it exists yet. At that point my primary focus was on speed and making it available ASAP. I am quickly approaching 400 members in just over 3 weeks since it's been available. My focus now is building out a more stable back-end to handle growth and scaling moving forward, before getting back to the growing list of features requests.

The site connects to your OpenSea account and pulls all ERC-721 and ERC-1155 assets you own. From there it adds up the current floor prices for each asset and aggregates them to display project and overall totals for your account. The site also displays floor traits, their counts, and their respective floor prices for each asset along with current listed price and highest bid. Nearly everything you see provides a quick link over to OpenSea to quickly view these floors or even sell the asset. There are plans to build out total cost, net gain/loss, etc. moving forward along with supporting multiple wallets at once.

At the moment the site costs a one time .1 registration fee. I have been having many thoughts and conversations regarding pricing moving forward. Some even suggested tying site access to membership NFTs, but I still need to have further discussions here.

As mentioned earlier, my immediate focus is strengthening the back-end and overall architecture of the site. Once that is completed, I will jump back onto new requests that have been coming in through Discord or Twitter. The most common are the ability to view purchase price for each asset along with your current gain/loss based on current prices Also, a number of users have multiple wallets and would like to see all of those bundled into a single view.

This screenshot shows off my favorite features of the site. You see the list price, best offer, traits, trait counts, and trait floors. Can open the trait floor, go to the asset, sell the asset, or open the project activity all from one place.


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