Shameless Shilling: sudoswap

Shameless Shilling: sudoswap

Hey everyone, I’m Owen, the dev behind sudoswap. I’ve previously helped out at NFTX, and I spend my day-to-day working on the 0xmons project. In the NFT community, I’ve seen a lot of demand for a secure way to swap NFTs, and none of the large marketplaces like OpenSea support this feature. 

sudoswap tries to fill this need—it’s designed as a trustless way for two parties to swap assets, rather than focusing on deep liquidity pools or large order books. You can create a swap for any combination of ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens, so all your favorite tokens and NFTs are supported right out of the box.

After picking what you have and what you want for the swap, sudoswap generates a link that you can share with your trade partner. Your trade partner can then see the details of the swap and accept the swap. The assets never leave your wallet until your partner accepts the swap, making for a gas-optimized swapping experience.

sudoswap is live today! It’s completely free to use—there are no swap fees of any kind, and the 0x protocol contracts it uses for swapping have been audited. However, it’s still in alpha, so there might be some front-end errors (feel free to report those here on GitHub). 

For future sudoswap updates, you can follow me on Twitter at @0xmons.

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