Shameless Shilling: Pulsquares

Shameless Shilling: Pulsquares

Hey everyone! This is Arihz, the creator of Pulsquares and Framergence. I'm an anonymous computer scientist from Brazil, a long-time lover of fractals, programming languages, and complex systems. I also led product and design teams in several tech companies.

I'm fascinated by generative art, where art is presented to us by an algorithm rather than created directly by us. This idea always intrigued me. Then, when I first knew about NFTs I was excited to imagine the boundaries of art that could be broken. I believe that, for the first time, we can make connections and mechanisms that expand the art experience to a whole new level, like integrations and composability between different art pieces, traits management and dynamics, supply management, and community incentives. From these ideas, Framergence was born. And now, Pulsquares.

Pulsquares is an experimental generative math art NFT project. It aims to explore some boundaries of NFTs mechanisms through empirical practice. It's deflationary, free, and incorporates two main novel mechanisms: burn-to-compose and the gallery system.

One of the problems of collectibles and digital art sets is when the value perceived doesn't match the piece rarity. A specific piece may be meaningful and valuable to you, but its market value usually just follows another curve, defined by the rarity system created by the artist. It's frustrating.

Pulsquares does have a rarity system by design, but there are additional experimental mechanisms for the owner to also play a role in the rarity of his/her specific piece.

A Pulsquares art pierce can be upgraded. It will gain a unique trait (called Constellation) that no Pulsquares are granted by default. However, this will have a cost, and the cost is the burn of another piece. It's called burn-to-compose.

The Pulsquares experience will go beyond the pieces itself. It has a Gallery system. This Gallery will start with no pieces, and any owner can then lend their pieces to the Gallery. In return, after around every 4 months in the Gallery, the pieces will win a Constellation upgrade. This mechanism incentivizes that the pieces are locked to be presented, not to be sold. And when presented they win rarity and value.

Pulsequares is live, and the final public mint will be available in the next few days. 

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