Shameless Shilling: CryptoBuggies

Shameless Shilling: CryptoBuggies

... NFT collections gaining strong followings and producing great-looking work (Crypto Planets being one of my favorites).

What a great way to produce a body of work all tied together with a common theme, and have a fan following behind it!  I eventually convinced myself I should throw myself into the collection-making business and see if I could gain traction with an idea of my own: CryptoBuggies.  


I imagined a whole entourage of googly-eyed insects waddling along like drunken clowns, each eyeball pointing in a different direction.  From that initial concept the idea grew into ways to make the whole experience interactive.  Add an overworld map with different geographic regions, let the community vote on where the virtual bugcatcher goes each round, let them also vote on which bug catching tool to use, and make it so different bugs are found depending on how and where they are found.

Pretty soon I was filling out a spreadsheet with lists of bugs, map region names, tool types, and probability quotients for each bug.  Once I realized I was onto something, I registered all the necessary accounts and domain names to bring my idea into reality.  

To keep the cost of the first round of CryptoBuggy NFTs low, I chose to mint on OpenSea since there aren’t any upfront gas fees involved.  And at 0.05 ETH per CryptoBuggy, they sold out within the first day even though I had less than 100 followers on Twitter!  For Round 2 a week later I raised the buggy count to 15 and the price to .15 ETH each, and those sold out in just 90 minutes!  Two even received secondary sale offers of .5 ETH just minutes after that.

It’s very rewarding and exciting to have an idea take off so quickly and find its audience. Having fans regularly voting in the polls and seeing the bugcatcher begin its journey across the map is a great feeling. If all goes according to plan, over 20 different buggy types will be found across the game map using the 4 different tools once they’re all made available (jar, shovel, net, and bucket).  And no two CryptoBuggies will ever look the same, ensuring that each one is a unique 1/1 NFT.  The CryptoBuggy collection will be considered complete once 500 have been found.

Round 3 happens Sunday, March 7 at 9pm GMT / 1pm PST and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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