Worm Around the World

Worm Around the World

There used to be a time when cats & dogs were just animals, then kindergarten characters, later cartoons and animes took it to a new motion picture which told stories.

Now we pay thousands and potentially millions as they are representing a historical repeat which in a way teasing the legacy norms and paving way for a new class of people expressing themselves, through culture and we cover the unique story of the WORM.

 First off what is Worm?

The worm is the world’s first NFT that you share to mint. 

 How to let this Worm crawl into your wallet?

To start minting you need to have a Worm NFT in your wallet. The only way to have a Worm in your wallet is for someone else to transfer it to you. Once you get the worm in your wallet you just need to transfer the worm to another wallet which is entirely your choice. when you send the worm you will find that the worm mints a “Worm Hologram” ( A numbered copy of itself ) and leaves it behind in your wallet. This hologram marks you as having had the worm.

When you share the Worm, it leaves behind a numbered hologram of itself

Join the church of Worm and get blessed by the Worm.

You can become a devotee in the church of Worm by helping the Worm to accomplish its mission of visiting the maximum possible wallets. All the devotees in this list will be gifted by Worm. At the time of writing this article, the worm has visited 188 wallets. The first hundred wallets will be rewarded with a worm-themed memento in the form of a collectible NFT that you can trade, sell or hold. The Worm might decide to drop you something in the future or could randomly drop NFT’s to random members.

NFT creators are joining the fun! And they hope artists/projects join the list. As the Worm has passed through numerous wallets there will be a giveaway of a rare Zion NBA Top Shot moment to one of its lucky devotees.

NFT collectors join the Church of Worm.

Few NFT collectors have expressed their support by dropping satoshibles to the Worm.  The Worm team has confirmed that once the Worm travels through a few more wallets these Satoshibles will be randomly dropped to its community.

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