Foundation's Evolution: Zero Fees, Quick Bids, and Base Implementation

Foundation's Evolution: Zero Fees, Quick Bids, and Base Implementation

In a groundbreaking leap, Foundation has announced a series of transformative updates poised to enhance the crypto art marketplace like never before, charting a new course towards inclusivity, affordability, and innovation in the digital art world.

Revolutionizing the Marketplace

Foundation's recent updates signal a seismic shift in how artists and collectors interact with digital art, Foundation took the decision to eliminate marketplace fees for Editions and Drops , ensuring that artists enjoy the fruits of their labor more fully, with a mere 0.0008 ETH minting charge.

Adding to that, Foundation has now reduced auction extensions to only two minutes, promising a more dynamic and fluid bidding environment, enhancing the overall experience for both sellers and buyers.

Empowering Creators Like Never Before

Acknowledging the evolving needs and requests from digital artists, Foundation has significantly increased the file size limit for uploads to a staggering 300mb.

Embracing Base: A Vision for the Future

Perhaps the most ambitious of Foundation's updates is its support for Base. This strategic pivot towards L2 tech is aimed at drastically reducing transaction costs, thereby making crypto art and NFTs more accessible to a global audience.

Foundation's CEO kayvon eloquently shared his vision of empowering digital creators with crypto, reflecting on the journey from the early days of crypto's "alien technology" to its current state as a fundamental medium for creative expression.

Looking Ahead: The Broadband Era of Crypto

By embracing Base, Foundation is not just optimizing its platform for better performance and lower costs but is also laying down the groundwork for a future where digital art is an integral, accessible part of the global creative economy.

In their unwavering commitment to growth and innovation, Foundation is poised to lead the crypto art world into a new frontier, making the promise of crypto's broadband era a reality for artists and collectors alike.

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