NFT Awards Winners

NFT Awards Winners

The winners of NFT awards have been announced. Looks like the interest was pretty low. Despite some nice drama and passive aggressive accusations, there isn’t much excitement surrounding this initiative or maybe it's lacking a good show.

Apart from some relevant judges, there were others that make you think, who the fuck is this dude/dudette and why is he/she an expert on NFTs out of nowhere?

So that being said let’s all have a look (laugh) with the results.

Best Art NFT 2020

Picasso’s Bull 1/1

NFT of the Year

sä-v(ə-)rən-tē by Micah_Johnson3

Adoption Potential Award


Most Valuable NFT

Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 1A by F1DeltaTime

Best Gaming NFT

Millipede by The Sandbox Game

Most Innovative NFT

Right Place & Right Time (Bitcoin Hourly Price Offset) by MattKaneArtist

Best Charity NFT

Kitty by ParisHilton

Best Utility NFT

Off the Charts" - Proof of Attendance by binance

People's Choice Award

64 GALLON TOTER by robnessofficial Crypto Stamp by the Austrian Post The People's Potato by secondrealm Knife by NiftyWizards Pop Star from jobtribes by DEA

Choosing the Best ART NFT before the year is over and not including Beeple’s drops is not quite accurate for the 2020 ART NFT award and the cryptoart scene in general.

If a vote was on today the ART NFT of the year would most likely go to Beeple. The NFT of the year sä-v(ə-)rən-tē, we also touched on that, on issue #9, that sale was super weird. Let's leave it at that.

Adoption Potential Award to cryptostamps, now here is an omegalol situation. That must have been the dumbest contract ever created and all that the "public"’ agreed was that the way was executed was really dumb and a bad commercial for the space since the product was so bad.

Most Valuable NFT, Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020, another NFT that sold for an unreal price that nobody wanted. F1 Delta time had only 6 users the following day.

Best Gaming NFT, Millipede by The Sandbox Game, has anyone actually played this?

Most Innovative NFT, Right Place & Right Time (Bitcoin Hourly Price Offset) by MattKaneArtist another category that should have been won by Beeple for his original drop on Nifty Gateway during the American elections, where the buyer didn't know what artwork will end up getting or more rightfully so to the REDLIONEYE GAZETTE! There i said it! Fuck yea!

Best Charity NFT Kitty by ParisHilton Why the fuck not? Might as well have been.

Last but not least the people's choice award went to 5 artworks, 64 GALLON TOTER by robnessofficial, Crypto Stamp by the Austrian Post,  The People's Potato by  secondrealm, Knife by NiftyWizards, Pop Star from jobtribes by DEA.

Who are these "people" that choose to vote for the Austrian post? You can’t find anyone talking or caring about this project.

The people’s potato and the toter are good choices if the votes were real because as we read before there were accusations the voting was boted. Now the other 2 you'll be the judge ;)

How about we create a new list that the Gazette readers will vote on? Join the discussion on our Discord if you are interested to see what the most degenerate crowd would pick as winners.

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