WGMeets: Bridging Traditional Artistry and Digital Dynamism

WGMeets: Bridging Traditional Artistry and Digital Dynamism

In the ever-evolving world of NFT art, few names resonate as profoundly as WGMeets. The New Jersey-based artist, known for his impactful and layered digital abstract creations, embodies the perfect blend of traditional artistry and modern digital dynamism.

Decoding the Artistry of WGMeets

WGMeets' journey into the realm of abstract digital art is a reflection of his inner musings, often intertwined with sharp societal commentaries. His creations, rich in texture and movement, find inspiration in the intricacies of nature, the fluidity of music, and the rhythm of life itself.

WGMeets boasts over 22 years in graphic design, with the last few years dedicated to the NFT realm. Beyond the canvas, he's the force behind the 'When Giants Meet' art collective and the creator of MisNFTs. His formal training in art and design, combined with a storied experience in street art, has culminated in the distinct, wild style aesthetic he's revered for today.

Deep Dive into "FLESH"

On August 25th, WGMeets unveiled "FLESH", a one-of-a-kind, 100 piece AI collection on Foundation. This project delves into the raw essence of human interactions and the lasting impact of disposability in relationships. It poses a provocative question: What happens when we confront the scars we leave behind?

The choice of the name "FLESH" stems from a desire to connect with AI on a deep emotional level, intending to trigger conversations and a visual retrospection of our actions towards others. WGMeets employed a locally installed version of Stable Diffusion (1.4 w/ Gradio) for this project, with upscaling executed in Topaz Gigapixel and finishing touches in Photoshop.

Anticipation Builds for the Next Endeavor

WGMeets’ contributions traverse beyond mere artistic creations. From panel participations in CryptoArt to advisory roles for NFT projects, he remains a cornerstone of the digital art community.

The Redlion Gazette has tapped into WGMeets' prowess for its next artistic collaboration. As the community looks forward with anticipation, one thing is certain: a mesmerizing confluence of depth, emotion, and creativity awaits. Stay tuned for the unveiling this Monday.

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