Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #99

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #99

Top NFT News of the Week

nfts.com domain acquired for $15 million

NFTs go live on Instagram

Tiffany and Company announce CryptoPunk Pendants and custom NFTs for 30 ETH

Magic Eden adds support for Ethereum NFTs

Pearson, the largest book publisher in the world, is looking to incorporate NFT textbooks


OpenSea has done $103 million volume so far in August

CryptoPunks had the highest volume on OpenSea this week

NFTfi has near record high ETH volume for the month of July

NFT News

Ticketmaster puts out a job ad for a Senior Product Manager for NFT integrations

  • Prada announces TimeCapsule NFT
  • CryptoPunk #7804 was listed for 9,420.69 ETH
  • XCOPY is applying CC0 to all existing art
  • Gucci is now accepting ApeCoin payments for in-store purchases
  • TAG Heuer announces you can now buy watches with ApeCoin
  • MetaMask, TrustWallet, and Coinbase Wallet can now be connected on Magic Eden
  • Mark Zuckerberg to mint an NFT of his old little league baseball card to celebrate Instagram’s NFT feature

The Today Show explores What is the Metaverse

  • Meebits announces the Meebitaverse
  • 3Landers 2nd airdrop of materials has commenced
  • @killeracid drops Hoop Dreams on a wooden panel
  • The Meridian Book by @mattdesl is available for pre-order
  • MTV Video Music Awards adds Best Metaverse Performance Category
  • Yuga Labs is getting ready to ship mobile game competition prizes
  • Kevin Rose announces Moonbirds and Oddities are moving to CC0 public license

Starbucks is rolling out an NFT loyalty program soon

  • NFTfi surpasses 15,000 loans
  • Zora introduces Onchain SVGs
  • Major League Soccer signs Bored Ape NFT as an athlete
  • @cathsimard_ is dropping new NFTs on Nifty Gateway today
  • Deca announces the Deca symbol is now released under CC0
  • Muse to release next album on NFT platform Serenade
  • Meebits will be releasing the IP agreement for Meebits on 8/15

The worlds first Metaverse ATM is now live in Decentraland

  • Nouns Coffee is launching soon
  • @levychain introduces Bello
  • Season II of Grails by PROOF goes live
  • Non-Fungible Films Ape-Casting goes live
  • @punk9059 starts PROOF as Director of Research
  • NFT counterfeit detector Marqvision raises $20M in Series A
  • Proof of Beauty teases something is coming for LondonDAO GIFT holders

@dt_chain buys a Tiffany & Company CryptoPunk pendant for 30 ETH

  • @gmDAOeth drops 1/1 gm NFT
  • Dapper partners with Instagram
  • @MeebitsDAO Merch presale goes live
  • FloorDAO deploys 25 Milady NFTs to Sudoswap
  • @jubbishjay airdrops NFTs to all 1/1 holders
  • @jakethedegen takes over the Artnet Twitter account
  • @punk6529 reopens the minting for Meme Card 8, FirstGM

In Singapore Court, Cases & Marriages can now be held in the Metaverse

  • @SHBackpacker drops Day 1 on SuperRare
  • @eliheuer drops GTL001 Alpha on Zora
  • @nounspronouns shows off the first look of their homepage
  • @brandon_galang starts first day at Fractional
  • Enamour by @rachstewart_nz sold for 2.4 ETH on SuperRare
  • EQLZ launches world’s first metaverse sneak accelerator
  • TRIBUTE by @njburnell is now live on the MONOLITH Gallery
  • Weavers allowlist mint goes live
  • @mintdotfun introduces Trading
  • @jordaninglee drops Non-Fungible Organism on Fractional
  • @art__electra drops Mistresses on Foundation

Sales of the Week

CryptoPunk #6874 sold for 300 ETH

CloneX #8871 sold for 120 ETH

Noun #396 sold for 85.7 ETH

your fav crypto influencer by @lphaCentauriKid sold for 69.69 ETH

The Stage by DrifterShoots sold for 50 ETH

Crypto Art by @killeracid sold to @2Yeahyeah for 42 ETH

Mutant Ape #24227 sold for 39.9 ETH

@AlienqueenNFT’s Gucci x SuperRare In Bloom & Imminent Nostalgia sold for 11 ETH

Articles and Threads

Bored Ape co-founders Greg Solano and Wiley Aronow tell their story

  • @Cooopahtroopa releases new This Week in Music NFTs
  • Redlion News releases Redlion Gazette Issue 99
  • @WPeaster releases the 83rd Bankless Metaversal
  • @Derekmw23 releases Web3 gaming involves so much more than NFTs thread
  • Forefront releases Forefront Newsletter Issue 99
  • @nansen_ai releases NFT Sales: Where did the ETH go?
  • @NFTInnovation releases NFT Innovation Digest #46

@brycent_ releases Top 15 NFT Games You Can Play Right Now

  • @nft137 releases Everything You Need To Know About Tiffany and Co CryptoPunk Pendants
  • @Coinbase_NFT releases recap of what launched in July
  • @TheIwuChidinma releases Is the NFT Market here to stay on RugRadio
  • @exlawyernft releases Why you are insufficiently bullish about NFTs
  • Yield Guild releases Community Update Q2 2022
  • @Blockworks_ releases Can GameFi Still Unlock the Metaverse
  • @DCLBlogger releases 15 things I wish I had know sooner about crypto/NFTs
  • NFT Now releases CC0 & NFTs: Understanding Ownership

Twitter Spaces

Rug Radio GM NFTs w/ @farokh @greatmando_nft @osf_nft @iancr & @Boomca

  • Grateful Show #27 w/ @GratefulApe_eth @Ape4249 @beast_eth @tinoforbidden & @SpottieWiFi
  • Grateful Show #29 w/ @GratefulApe_eth @Ape4249 @beast_eth @tinoforbidden & @KeithGrossman
  • NFT Morning Alpha w/ @piovincenzo_ @allnick @SpeculatorArt & @iamDCinvestor
  • Building a metaverse school of Web3 w/ @Zeneca_33 & @featureio
  • NFTs For Normies w/ @NicoleBehnam & @RplanetNFT
  • Chimpers Founders AMA w/ @Bud_Chimp @NF1nsight & @PunkHot10


Bankless The Nounders w/ @TrustlessState @punk4156 @punk4464 & @cryptoseneca

NFTCatcherPod Episode 76 w/ @jennifer_sutto @NFTicket & @billyshipp

The WLD Show w/ @wiiichang & @sebaudet26

Floor is Rising 2022 NFT Awards w/ @SabretoothSG @kaifuku_kizu & @artnome

Non-Refungible Network Episode #70 w/ @ebron85

  • Show Me The Crypto Investing In The Metaverse w/ @SamHuber
  • POAP Community Call #30 w/ @JENeticsDesign @MisterMojoRS @superphiz @nixorokish @Logic_Beach & @NoFunTokenArt

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