Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #98

A comprehensive thread packed with major events in NFT & ETH ecosystem from last week and more đŸ€«

Sun 31st Jul 2022


Top NFT News of the Week

Miami collabs with TIME, Mastercard & Salesforce to sell 5K NFTs on Ethereum

Animoca Brands launches DAO to develop metaverse standards

Meebits teases upcoming utility

TIME drops Into The Metaverse NFT cover by @Micah_Johnson3

Snoop Dogg x Eminem BAYC merch arrives


OpenSea has done 519 million volume so far in July

There are 5k - 10k new buyers coming into NFTs every day on Ethereum

NFT News

Yuga Labs was threatened with a possible class-action lawsuit for artificially inflating NFTs

Variety Magazine features Music Mogul Of The Year NFT King @guyoseary

Rainbow now supports Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism NFTs on mainnet

Future headlines Rolling Loud with his Bored Ape

Damien Hirst to burn 4851 physical artworks at Newport Street Gallery in London starting September 9

Meebits billboard spotted in SoHo

Sales of the Week

God is typing by @XCOPYART sold for 256.5 ETH

Mutant Ape #5652 sold for 200 ETH

sold for 200 ETH

The Alien by @GrantYun2 sold for 136.9 ETH

by @GrantYun2 sold for 136.9 ETH

Meebit #14295 sold for 115 ETH

Noun #389 sold for 103 ETH

sold for 103 ETH

i promise i can change by @lphacentaurikid sold for 76.5 ETH

professional degenerate 4 by @osf_nft sold for 59.69 ETH

Driftershoots Call Of The Void sold for 29 ETH

sold for 29 ETH

Articles and Threads

WPeaster releases the 82nd Bankless Metaversal

@lalley releases everything you need to know about Art Blocks

Twitter Spaces

NFT History w/ @nftnow @jakegallen_ @LeonidasNFT @WRabbit1111 & @adamamcbride

Rug Radio GM NFTs w/ @SuperRareDavid @greatmando_nft @osf_nft @farokh

Chimpers Sunday !ChimpChat w/ @pushin_chimpers @JPEGreg @Bud_Chimp @Ebron85 @jpgPapiii

Celebrating the Into The Metaverse Limited Sale w/ @Micah_Johnson3 @timepieces @KeithGrossman @AkuDreams @LuisANavia @RogerDickerman @JoshBobrowsky @clubb_q @redbeartnft


Overpriced JPEGs The Future of 10k PFPs w/ @carlypreilly & @andr3w

The Scoop A crypto fund that just raised $450M offers bull case for web 3 w/ @FintechFrank @jessewldn & @spencernoon

NFTCatcherPod Episode 75 w/ @jennifer_sutto @NFTicket & @LaManiRojas

STACKS NFT Statistics That Will Help Make You Money w/ @punk9059 & @VentureCoinist

Proof Old Sport: The First Members Only Speakeasy w/ @kevinrose & @addison

NFT Rebels Podcast The Importance Of Vibes In The NFT Space w/ @tropoFarmer & @NFTrebels