Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #98

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #98

Top NFT News of the Week

Miami collabs with TIME, Mastercard & Salesforce to sell 5K NFTs on Ethereum

Animoca Brands launches DAO to develop metaverse standards

Meebits teases upcoming utility

TIME drops Into The Metaverse NFT cover by @Micah_Johnson3

Snoop Dogg x Eminem BAYC merch arrives


OpenSea has done 519 million volume so far in July

There are 5k - 10k new buyers coming into NFTs every day on Ethereum

NFT News

Yuga Labs was threatened with a possible class-action lawsuit for artificially inflating NFTs

  • Care Bears NFTs drop on August 3
  • a16z is leading a $50M round in VeeFriends
  • The Ledger Market Pass NFT goes live
  • The Museum of Robotos Art curated by TIMEPieces is coming soon
  • The Sandbox has seen a growth of 110% in traders the past 30 days

Variety Magazine features Music Mogul Of The Year NFT King @guyoseary

  • Coinbase releases The Degen Trilogy: Part One
  • NFT Worlds talks about The Future Of NFT Worlds
  • Cool Cats announces the JO collection is coming Q4 2022
  • FC Barcelona’s first NFT goes live on the Sotheby’s Metaverse
  • @nftembed announces the ability to embed and sell NFTs into your website
  • Eminem and Snoop Dogg get VMA nomination for From The D 2 The LBC song featured Bored Apes

Rainbow now supports Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism NFTs on mainnet

  • Bella Hadid announces CY-B3LLA NFTs
  • Cool Cats releases Cooltopia documentary
  • Usher and Remy Martin are releasing NFTs
  • PUNKS Comic Ape Out on the Town mint closes
  • Sudoswap shows off new look for their landing page
  • BoredJobs teams up with PureArts to license BAYC NFTs

Future headlines Rolling Loud with his Bored Ape

  • Chimpers Dojo opens
  • Own The Color by @xsullo gets 45 ETH offer
  • NFT sales down 24% compared to Q1 2022
  • The Hume Collective Hume Genesis goes live
  • Lollapalooza teams up with Solana to offer attendees an NFT scavenger hunt
  • @NudeYogaGirl & @aylaelmoussa launch the NUDE NEIGHBOURHOOD in the OM museum gallery district

Damien Hirst to burn 4851 physical artworks at Newport Street Gallery in London starting September 9

  • Tommy Hilfiger sets up shop in Roblox
  • @OHNAPIE was showcased in NFT Mag
  • Metacrafters creates online learning platform in the metaverse
  • @nounsprophouse announces CrypToadz first ever funding round
  • @Macro_Hacks announces the first NFT Financialization Hackathon
  • The Answer by @AnymaOfc was bought by @seedphrase for 100 ETH

Meebits billboard spotted in SoHo

  • Krapopolis show is incorporating NFTs
  • The 333 Club partners with Prysm
  • Howling Dog’s Throne by @jordaninglee goes live on SuperRare
  • @skitchism drops Summer Tour on Foundation
  • Scaredy Cubits go live and sell out
  • @bugindreamland drops A Cornfield in July on SuperRare
  • Glob Studio NFT creates 3D model of @HollanderAdam’s Ape
  • @mpost_io releases v1 of their metaverse dashboard
  • Universe.XYZ announces you can now embed NFTs with marketplace functionality in websites, blogs, or publications
  • Sound.xyz onboards @sanholobeats
  • The Weavers mint is dropping August 3
  • Fractional is looking to hire a Product Designer
  • @Calvet_arts creates awesome BAYC derivative of @cryptocana’s Ape
  • GameStopNFT releases v0.6.0 of GameStop Wallet
  • @IkertjeNFT drops Cathartic Prism Drop #2 on Foundation

Sales of the Week

God is typing by @XCOPYART sold for 256.5 ETH

Mutant Ape #5652 sold for 200 ETH

The Alien by @GrantYun2 sold for 136.9 ETH

Meebit #14295 sold for 115 ETH

Noun #389 sold for 103 ETH

i promise i can change by @lphacentaurikid sold for 76.5 ETH

professional degenerate 4 by @osf_nft sold for 59.69 ETH

Driftershoots Call Of The Void sold for 29 ETH

Articles and Threads

WPeaster releases the 82nd Bankless Metaversal

  • @redlion_news releases Redline Gazette #98
  • @jennifer_sutto releases NFT Weekly Updates
  • Welcome to NOR releases How PlayFi Will Save Gaming
  • @Cooopahtroopa releases This Week in Music NFTs
  • @NardisNarrative releases State of The Sandbox Q2 2022 on Messari Crypto
  • @collectivexyz releases deep look into what the Chimpers NFT projects is all about
  • @NFT137 releases Behind the Scenes With @spottiewifi

@lalley releases everything you need to know about Art Blocks

  • Forefront releases Issue 98
  • @Helloimmorgan releases thread on Decentraland announcing they joined the Open Metaverse Alliance
  • @NTmoney releases thread on why he recently brought Cryptopunk #4156 for $3.31M
  • @azeemk_ releases Music NFTs Breakout Moment
  • @NFTInnovation releases NFT Innovation Digest #45
  • @rAlph_4_real releases Know Your Punks thread

Twitter Spaces

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