Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #97

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #97

Top NFT News of the Week

Minecraft bans NFTs and NFT integrations within their game

LG files trademark application for TVs that can issue NFTs

Gutter Cat Gang is airing an commerical on ESPN throughout @thetournamanet

U.S. Government Officials must now publicly declare NFT holdings

TIME magazine drops new metaverse cover

NFT News

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney says Epic Games won’t follow Minecraft in NFT ban

  • Moonbirds Oddities reveal goes live
  • NFTX announces new Yield App for NFT farming
  • Christies launches venture fund to support Web3
  • Gatorade’s Game Changers NFT collection goes live
  • Dubai plans to create 40K Metaverse Jobs
  • Showtime introduces Claim Notifications

Square Enix announces Final Fantasy 7 NFT project

  • OpenSea introduces the Solana launchpad
  • Deca announces L30 & some surprises
  • Metamundo launches 3D NFT Marketplace
  • Yield Guild Games partners with My Pet Hooligan
  • GALLERY presents The Unofficial 3AC Collection
  • McLauren drops design sketch to all MSO LAB NFT holders

RTFKT x Nike releases AR hoodie

  • The Hume Collective Genesis drops goes live
  • @DefiNft introduces new ERC721i token standard
  • Sudoswap releases New UI for Bulk Collection Offers
  • LinkedIn founder launches Solana NFT collection
  • DALLE-2 by @ClaireSilver12 opens for commercial usage
  • GameStop NFT shows off the Illuvium Illuvitar reveal trailer

Nifty Gateway launches new mobile app

  • The Boring Ape Chronicles turns 1 year old
  • Foundation does artist spotlight on @kikillo
  • @killeracid dropes KLLRACIDPEPE series 8
  • Cadbury World launches Gems NFT collection on Polygon
  • @Macro_Hacks announces the first ever NFT Financialization hackathon
  • ApeCoin AIP-70, which provides APE to develop the Bored Ape Gazette into a 24 hour news site, goes live

Zapper V2 goes live

  • Bushidos unveils partnership with The Sandbox
  • Punks Comic Apes Out on the Town mint goes live
  • NFT137 does 1/1 Artist Spotlight on @Mrfiretruckman
  • ZenAcademy is brining back the 12 Days of Zenmas
  • Chimpers announces the DOJO will open its doors on 7/26 at 12PM EST
  • @PREMINT_NFT now allows Twitter and Discord accounts to log you in after your wallet is connected
  • Public mint for @lukeymcgarry’s Petabytes goes live and sells out
  • @punk6529 wins auction for WALKING THE RED CARPET by @rakesh_pulapa
  • @martingrasser is releasing Squares generative art project on Art Blocks 7/20
  • @DarrenSRS announces the first community-owned building is live in @OM100m, the Nude Art Collective
  • @SummerbluessArt drops The Beast in Me on Foundation
  • JPG shows off new featured exhibitions
  • @MichaelRusakov creates awesome animation of @HappyBuddha99’s Ape
  • @TonyBabel drops Shroom & Doom on SuperRare
  • NFT Plazas acquires MagNFT
  • @alexgedevani puts together list of 250+ projects across different NFT verticals

Sales of the Week

Otherdeed for Otherside #84242 with Koda #5197 sold for 395.29 ETH

Fidenza #767 sold for 143 ETH

Noun #370 sold for 120.69 ETH

DrifterShoots Where My Vans Go #124 sold for 100 ETH

â€â€đŸ”„.eth sold for 100 ETH

Articles and Threads

@shvembldr tells his story about how it is a crime to be an artist in Latvia

  • @redlion_news releases Redlion Gazette #97
  • @swombat releases What are NFTs
  • @Cooopahtroopa releases new This Week in Music NFTs
  • @DCLBlogger dives into metaverse giant Improbable
  • @redlion_news releases Everything You Need to Know About NFTs in 2022
  • @NFTInnovation releases NFT Innovation Digest #44
  • @Kaloh_nft releases Art Blocks Curated Market Update

@WPeaster releases the 81st Bankless Metaversal

  • @shaman4646 releases thread on how a scammer was caught by his mom
  • @LeftClickSave releases thread on investing in People (& yourself) vs hype
  • @erubes1 shares his favorite art and connecting with other from 10+ years of traveling the world
  • @sillytuna releases Solving NFT access list, minting, and holiday problems with ENS
  • Messari Crypto releases thread on Art Blocks
  • NFT Worlds releases The Future Of NFT Worlds
  • @atareh releases thread on how Yugalabs is using storytelling to keep Otherdeed holders engaged

@Degentraland releases The Ultimate OthersideMeta Thread

  • @PuffYatty breaks down the Otherside light paper
  • @ObiWanBenoni releases thread on insights into Cool Cats lore
  • Forefront releases Forefront Newsletter Issue 97
  • @AndrewSteinwold releases Could 3AC crash the NFT market
  • @Wpeaster releases NFT Drop Styles
  • Delphi Digital releases The Future of (Crypto) Gaming
  • @punk6529 releases Some Things I Am Learning Minting NFTs

Twitter Spaces

Rug Radio GM NFTs @ClaireSilver12 Origin Story w/ @farokh @greatmando_nft & @osf_nft

The Digital Fashion Revolution w/ @ljin18 & @danidoesnotxist

Chimpers Founders AMA w/ @TimpersHD @NFT1nsight & @PunkHot10


The Delphi Podcast Metaverse Musings w/ @pierskicks & @KentwByers

The Afropolitan Podcast Understanding NFTs w/ @DeezeFi

NFTCatcherPod Web3 Cybersecurity Special Episode 73 w/ @jennifer_sutto & @SimonartOnline

Zima Red Web3 Polymath: Investing, Building, Learning, Teaching w/ @AndrewSteinwold & @0xf00bar

Bored Chili Podcast Sneak Peak Into The Web3 World In Hong Kong w/ @veratheape & @taipeicity_eth

Show Me The Crypto Becoming A Musician In Web3 w/ @imdanielallan

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