Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #96

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #96

Top NFT News of the Week

Snapchat is exploring using NFTs as filters

NFT News

Animoca Brands, the company behind The Sandbox & OthersideMeta, completes $75M raises at an $5.9B valuation to invest in blockchain games

  • Bill Murray buys Cool Cat #8413
  • Nickelodeon NFT PFPs go live
  • The UK now allows lawsuits to be served via NFTs
  • The Kingship NFT mint goes live on OpenSea
  • The Sandbox is teaming up with Playboy to create a Playboy MetaMansion social game

Old Navy is selling an Bored Ape t-shirt

  • Oncyber Portals are now live
  • Alethea AI announces Pudgy Penguins are officially available for fusion
  • TIME Studios goes into production w/ @NelvanaEnt on two new animated series
  • The Sandbox announces Tony Hawk is building the biggest skatepark in the metaverse on The Sandbox
  • The @nounddao community approves funding Ethereum public goods with 500 ETH to @ProtocolGuild

Pudgy Penguins is partnering with PMI to make Pudgy Toys

  • Proof acquires Divergence
  • @rleshner places two 2,200 ETH bids on 2 different Crypto Punks
  • Etihad Airways introduces EY-ZERO1 NFT collection coming July 21
  • Fraam3 introduces a new design experience for your NFTs
  • Shanghai plans to cultivate an $52B Metaverse Industry by 2025

Toonstar and Hot Topic are partnering to offer NFT sales and exclusive Web3 opportunities to community members

  • GameStop NFT drops new wallpapers
  • Ronin releases wallet update
  • DrifterShoots Where My Vans Go floor is at 53 ETH
  • The Hume Collective genesis mint goes live on 7/20
  • Watchtower introduces the all new Watchtower

Immutable will be minting 100,000 NFTs gas free to every ApeCoin holder

  • NFCastle announces an free-entry NFT exhibition at the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle on October 8-18
  • @timepieces is looking to hire an UX/UI designer
  • @jenkinsthevalet WriteList mint goes live
  • Korean fintech giant, Dynamu, to create 10,000 Web3 jobs with 385M investment
  • @Wpeaster creates Three Shadows exhibition on JPG
  • Axie Infinity Lunacian Summer goes live
  • Wilder World Our Moto Genesis NFT claim ends July 19
  • @Zeneca_33 introduces the ZenAcademy Ethical Trading Policy
  • Chimpers introduces the Dojo
  • Coinvise introduces NFT Memberships
  • LooksRare is looking to hire new roles
  • Gutter Cat Gang Gutter Pigeons are now on NFTfi
  • CryptoArte turns 4 years old
  • @thesarahshow drops Magnetic Infinity
  • Pause by the burrow public sale goes live
  • Solana NFTs are now on Rarible
  • @_wanderloots announces release of Begin, Again on Foundation
  • sound.xyz announces Sound Season 3
  • @fallinginsand creates Bored Ape #3679 sand sculpture for @veratheape
  • Framework Ventures announces the launch of the Framework Tent

Sales of the Week

CryptoPunk #4156 sold for 2691 ETH

CryptoPunk #4464 sold for 2,500 ETH

CryptoPunk #6137 sold for 350 ETH

CryptoPunk #7901 sold for 260 ETH

Bored Ape #4066 sold for 180 ETH

Ringers #818 sold for 169 ETH

Fidenza #589 sold for 150 ETH

Otherdeed for Otherside #46309 sold for 150 ETH

Noun #373 sold for 130 ETH

88MPH In Soho by @GuidoDisalle sold for 55 ETH

Gas Station by @GrantYun2 sold for 33 ETH

Articles and Threads

CNBC releases How 99 year old publisher Time is leading legacy media into the NFT future

  • @redlion_news releases Gazette #96
  • @nft137 releases OneOf Makes NFTs More Accessible
  • @dennnnnnnnny releases NFTs: an artist’s perspective on @ArtBasel
  • @benlakoff releases NFTs with Fungible tokens for a more dynamic governance structure
  • @AndrewSteinwold releases Most popular NFT trader has made over $30M

@Cooopahtroopa releases new This Week in Music NFTs

  • @kelxyz releases Understanding Vitality’s Role in NFT Communities
  • CoinStats releases How to Make Money in The Metaverse
  • @MetaPortal_DAO releases Game Monetization Part I
  • @Degentraland releases thread on Decentralized Metaverses
  • @greatmando_nft releases 7 ways to make yourself a better NFT investor
  • @tropoFarmer releases thread on how he reorganized his wallet to mitigate risk
  • @NFTInnovation releases NFT Innovation Digest #43

Twitter Spaces

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