Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #92

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #92

Top NFT News of the Week

Instagram is working on the ability to see Ethereum and Polygon NFTs in AR on their platform 

OpenSea officially launches Seaport which could reduce gas fees by up to 35%

Chevy is auctioning an 1-of-1 Z06 Corvette NTF by XSULLO and the winning bidder will also receive the 1-of-1 car

Starry Night Capital, an NFT-fund backed by 3AC, moves its multi-million dollar NFT collection into a single wallet

An NFT ‘service token’ airdropped to an alleged crypto thief’s wallet satisfies due process notice requirement says NY Supreme Court

NFT News

Cool Cats is coming to The Sandbox in Q4 2022

  • NFT NYC goes live tomorrow
  • Steph Curry launches largest branded cross-community NFT project ever
  • @deekaymotion wins Jim Carrey’s Sunshower NFT for 62.04 ETH
  • PayPal execs say they are excited about NFTs
  • Bored Ape NFT holders Apecoin claim ends
  • Axie Infinity releases Origin: Phases and Advancement Plans

This week last year the Bored Ape Yacht Club floor price was 1 ETH

  • Pudgy Penguins official marketplace goes live
  • Colorado Governor, Jared Polis, is fundraising with NFTs
  • Val Kilmer drops genesis NFTs on SuperRare
  • Crypto.com now supports Solana NFTs
  • OpenSea launches new Featured Tab
  • @cathsimard_ releases Alone, not lonely

The Goblintown team doxxed themselves and are the people behind Truth

  • @redlion_studios ARTCODE #2 drops
  • @coryvanlew Phase 3 reveal goes live on Nifty Gateway
  • Mexican Soda Company Jarritos purchases Mutant Ape #5240
  • The EU Commission plans to include NFT platforms under CASP License
  • L’Oreal USA’s @yslbeauty launches 10K NFTs on Polygon
  • METACITZN NOT_A.JPEG Film is coming 6/20 @ Regal Times Square

Nouns DAO mural is now painted at West Houston St and Thompson St in SoHo

  • @aylaelmoussa drops Woman On Cliff on SuperRare
  • Romania plans to use NFTs to store documents
  • @rektguyNFT announces The Rekt Show for NFT NYC
  • @marioleo makes Cool Cats snapchat filter
  • Gem is now integrated with OpenSea’s Seaport
  • Both teams that won the NFL & NBA championships had at least 1 Bored Ape member on them

Total OpenSea Polygon users goes over 1.3 million

  • SuperRare Digital Identity Exhibition is coming 6/20 in NYC
  • Terminal for Forefront has arrived
  • Showtime unveils Showtime 2
  • @RugRadio is opening the @SuperchiefNFT exhibit to the public on 6/20
  • @seerlight is creating digital illustrations and live wallpapers
  • @ClaireSilver12 announces Genies avatar fashion airdrop
  • @ChimpersNFT announces their marketplace now hosts TBAC & Chimpers Genesis collections
  • NFT collectibles marketplace DIBBS partners with Circle to enable USDC payments
  • @XCOPYART NFT was spotted in Covent Garden by @MOCDA_
  • OpenSea is on pace to have its first month of <$1B volume since July 2021
  • Context announces mint.fun
  • @shiralazar drops the Top 5 Weekly NFT News Updates
  • FoundationOS is integrating Manifold
  • @illkoncept 2nd annual NFT NYC photo walk is June 22 at 1pm
  • Castle announces the Castle private beta
  • Rest Easy by @NathanHeadPhoto is live on SuperRare
  • NFTfi lists 11 new NFT projects
  • @littlefortunes releases Daily NFT Show #265 - 272
  • TreasureDAO introduces rebrand and new website
  • @Reuben_Wu & @PasanenJenni release Metamorphe collab project on Foundation
  • @ChimpersNFT releases Chubby Chronicles
  • Trove Alpha officially launches
  • @LipComarella drops Tales from Inside out Head on Nifty Gateway
  • @proof_xyz events website goes live

Sales of the Week

Someone sells Cryptoadz #2155 at an 99% (-$1,006,212) loss

  • Web3 Social Network Btok buys Bored Ape #7537 for 1024 ETH ($1.2M) as a marketing ploy
  • CryptoPunk #2964 sold for 444 ETH
  • CryptoPunk #6634 sold for 350 ETH
  • CryptoPunk #5690 sold for 275 ETH
  • @yossylondon buys Bored Ape #6918 for 135 ETH
  • Fidenza #288 sold for 130 ETH

Noun #342 sold for 114 ETH

  • XCOPY $LAVE sold for 100 ETH
  • RTFKT Clone X #12170 sold for 88 ETH
  • Jim Carrey’s first NFT Sunshower sold for 62 ETH

Where My Vans Go #12 by @DrifterShoots resold for 39 ETH

  • Madame de Gateau by Sarah Zucker sold for 17.1 ETH to @TokenAngels
  • ASCEND by @yakobelmoussa sold for 1.5 ETH to @Artifaction2
  • @catdirtyart The Ritual sold for 1 ETH

Articles and Threads

  • @WPeaster releases 76th Bankless Metaversal
  • @Cooopahtroopa releases new This Week in Music NFTs
  • @punk6529 releases On Why The Metaverse Needs Crypto
  • @Zeneca_33 releases Letter 27: Red Candles
  • @redlion_news releases Redlion Gazette #92
  • @zachxbt releases The Story of Machi Big Brother (Jeff Huang)
  • @ConsenSys releases 8 Side Events You Can’t Miss During NFT NYC
  • @mrjasonchoi releases SudoAMM: The 0-to-1 Moment for NFTs
  • @themlpx releases More than JPEGs: What is Clone X on Nansen
  • @generative_maxi releases Mega-threads of generative art
  • @azfnft releases How can P2E gaming become a sustainable business
  • @______jpg______ releases The non contingent to market conditions edition of the JPG newsletter
  • @treckex releases NFT Daily Market Reviews
  • @austin_hurwitz releases Interested in learning about web3 music thread
  • NFT Innovation releases NFT Innovation Digest #39
  • @kelxyz_ releases Understanding Virality's Role in NFT Communities on Messari
  • @Flip_xyz releases Chimpers: It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint
  • @forefront__ releases Issue 92
  • @banklessDAO releases new This week in Decentralized Arts

Twitter Spaces

Rug Radio GM NFTs w/ @farokh @greatmando_nft @osf_nft & @CryptoKaleo

  • Immutable X Community AMA w/ @olivierbiggs1 and @ColbySaysHi from @GetProtocol
  • Grateful Show #19: NFT NYC Warm Up Party w/ @GratefulApe_eth & @beast_eth
  • Crypto & NFTs in Politics w/ Colorado Governor Jared Polis & @alexisohanian


Delphi Podcast How NFTs are Transforming Shopify and Commerce w/ @GuillaumeRacin9 & @Alex_Danco

  • OverpricedJPEGs Ep 38 Under the Hood of Music NFTs w/ @carlypreilly & @Cooopahtroopa
  • Mint - Nass: From Graffiti Artist To Rebelling Web2 At A16z w/ @levychain & @nassyweazy of @rebelsbynight
  • ZimaRed Bringing Sports Into The Metaverse Ep 125 w/ @AndrewSteinwold & @KevinBeauregard
  • 32 Dreams BCheque Chat #4 w/ @BCheque1 & @greatmando_nft
  • The Unstoppable Podcast Ep 135 w/ @justwavyj & @Christian_Dtmr of @EvaluateMarket

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