Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #92

A comprehensive thread packed with major events in NFT & ETH ecosystem from last week and more 🤫

Sun 19th Jun 2022


Top NFT News of the Week

Instagram is working on the ability to see Ethereum and Polygon NFTs in AR on their platform 

OpenSea officially launches Seaport which could reduce gas fees by up to 35%

Chevy is auctioning an 1-of-1 Z06 Corvette NTF by XSULLO and the winning bidder will also receive the 1-of-1 car

Starry Night Capital, an NFT-fund backed by 3AC, moves its multi-million dollar NFT collection into a single wallet

An NFT ‘service token’ airdropped to an alleged crypto thief’s wallet satisfies due process notice requirement says NY Supreme Court

NFT News

Cool Cats is coming to The Sandbox in Q4 2022

This week last year the Bored Ape Yacht Club floor price was 1 ETH

The Goblintown team doxxed themselves and are the people behind Truth

Nouns DAO mural is now painted at West Houston St and Thompson St in SoHo

Total OpenSea Polygon users goes over 1.3 million

Sales of the Week

Someone sells Cryptoadz #2155 at an 99% (-$1,006,212) loss

  • Web3 Social Network Btok buys Bored Ape #7537 for 1024 ETH ($1.2M) as a marketing ploy

  • CryptoPunk #2964 sold for 444 ETH

  • CryptoPunk #6634 sold for 350 ETH

  • CryptoPunk #5690 sold for 275 ETH

  • @yossylondon buys Bored Ape #6918 for 135 ETH

  • Fidenza #288 sold for 130 ETH

Noun #342 sold for 114 ETH

  • XCOPY $LAVE sold for 100 ETH

  • RTFKT Clone X #12170 sold for 88 ETH

  • Jim Carrey’s first NFT Sunshower sold for 62 ETH

Where My Vans Go #12 by @DrifterShoots resold for 39 ETH

  • Madame de Gateau by Sarah Zucker sold for 17.1 ETH to @TokenAngels

  • ASCEND by @yakobelmoussa sold for 1.5 ETH to @Artifaction2

  • @catdirtyart The Ritual sold for 1 ETH

Articles and Threads

Twitter Spaces

Rug Radio GM NFTs w/ @farokh @greatmando_nft @osf_nft & @CryptoKaleo


Delphi Podcast How NFTs are Transforming Shopify and Commerce w/ @GuillaumeRacin9 & @Alex_Danco