Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #112

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #112

Top NFT News of the Week

Instagram is adding NFT minting and selling functionality using PolygonĀ 

CryptoPunks are now officially the 1st NFT to enter the Guinness World Record Book

OpenSea is launching a new copymint detection system

Visa launches their first NFT auction, Masters of Movement, on EthereumĀ 

CryptoPunk #9265 received a bid of 1,400 ETH


Ethereum L2 Immutable had the 2nd most NFT Sales Volume by blockchain

Reddit NFT trading volume passes $10 million

Art Blocks had the biggest increase in floor price the past week

Messari releases Sandbow Quarterly Metrics

NFT News

Europeā€™s 1st NFT vending machine is now live in London

  • Dapper LabsĀ lays off 22 percent of its staff
  • LooksRare announces theirĀ NFT Aggregator is coming soon
  • The GameStopNFT Marketplace isĀ officially live on ImmutableX
  • Meta is using Arweave toĀ permanently store NFTs from Instagram
  • Coinbase Ventures participates inĀ $4.2M funding round for NiftyApes
  • Final Fantasy maker SquareEnix to launch itsĀ first Ethereum NFT game, Symbiogensis
  • Anyone can now create an Ethereum NFT DAO w/ Zoraā€™s new Nouns Builder

  • Trait Offers are now availableĀ in the OpenSea API
  • Chain inksĀ Web3 sponsorship deal with the Miami Heat
  • Snoop Dogg & Eminem Ape EditionsĀ have started shipping
  • RTFKT CloneX AvatarsĀ are now playable inside The Sandbox
  • HUGO x Imaginary Ones:Ā Embrace Your Emotions mint goes live
  • Immutable onboardedĀ more Web3 game in Q3 than in any other quarter

Steph Curry files new trademark application for the CurryVerse

  • The Ronin WalletĀ releases new upgrade
  • Bored Ape Member @bayc9797Ā drops first music video
  • Guild of Guardian announcesĀ GOG Active Staking
  • Immutable isĀ expanding enforceable royalties to ETH
  • Haas F1 TeamĀ partners with OpenSea for future NFT collabs
  • Soho introduces Soho,Ā the social commerce platform for digital collectors

Warner Brothers to launch Game of Thrones NFTs

  • FingerprintsDAOĀ adds stats page to their website
  • @jennifer_sutto releasesĀ What happened last week in the NFT space
  • SuperRareĀ teases something coming on 11/15
  • Beats isĀ bringing music to LensProtocol
  • Art GobblersĀ launches and is using RainbowKit
  • Lifeboat releasesĀ new landing page
  • JPEGd integratesĀ Chainlink NFT Floor Pricing Feeds
  • @FezBayc carvesĀ dope Bored Ape Pumpkin

Sales of the Week

Fidenza #783 sold for 300 ETH

CryptoPunk #8191 sold for 284 ETH

Bored Ape #2764 sold for 187 ETH

ladygaga.eth sold for 32 ETH

PopWonder Cleansing Flame sold for 20 ETH

Articles and Threads

@BCheque1 releases Paper 41: Reddit NFTs Explosion

  • JPG releasesĀ Capsules of All Our Lives
  • @redlion_news releasesĀ Redlion Gazette 111
  • @Cooopahtroopa & @0x_Lucas releasesĀ Finding the XCOPY of Music NFTs
  • @iamSemui summarizesĀ Session 3-3 of UNIC Metaverseā€™s META-511
  • CoinbaseNFT releasesĀ product updates from the past month
  • @Zeneca_33 releases threadĀ breaking down the Blur Airdrop
  • @gldncrypto0 releasesĀ Macros + NFTs from GM NFTs recap
  • @DCLBloggerĀ announces Metakademy
  • Messari releases theĀ The Shift to Optional NFT Royalties
  • @_Kaspar__ releasesĀ Updated Web3 Music Map
  • CoinGecko releases theĀ Top 10 Crypto Games of 2022
  • NFT Innovation releasesĀ NFT Innovation Digest #58

Twitter Spaces

Grateful Show #65 w/ @Zeneca_33

Rug Radio GM NFTs

This Week in NFTs w/ @The333Club + @ShebaHopeGrows

We Do a Little Storytelling NFTs w/ @drifternovel + @nuclearnerds


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