Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #112

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #112

Top NFT News of the Week

Instagram is adding NFT minting and selling functionality using PolygonĀ 

CryptoPunks are now officially the 1st NFT to enter the Guinness World Record Book

OpenSea is launching a new copymint detection system

Visa launches their first NFT auction, Masters of Movement, on EthereumĀ 

CryptoPunk #9265 received a bid of 1,400 ETH


Ethereum L2 Immutable had the 2nd most NFT Sales Volume by blockchain

Reddit NFT trading volume passes $10 million

Art Blocks had the biggest increase in floor price the past week

Messari releases Sandbow Quarterly Metrics

NFT News

Europeā€™s 1st NFT vending machine is now live in London

Steph Curry files new trademark application for the CurryVerse

Warner Brothers to launch Game of Thrones NFTs

Sales of the Week

Fidenza #783 sold for 300 ETH

CryptoPunk #8191 sold for 284 ETH

Bored Ape #2764 sold for 187 ETH

ladygaga.eth sold for 32 ETH

PopWonder Cleansing Flame sold for 20 ETH

Articles and Threads

@BCheque1 releases Paper 41: Reddit NFTs Explosion

Twitter Spaces

Grateful Show #65 w/ @Zeneca_33

Rug Radio GM NFTs

This Week in NFTs w/ @The333Club + @ShebaHopeGrows

We Do a Little Storytelling NFTs w/ @drifternovel + @nuclearnerds


Bankless What Are Music NFT

Overpriced JPEGs Instagrams Phase 2 for NFT Integration

NFT Catcher Podcast Episode 100

Unchained Are NFT Royalties the Way

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