Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #109

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #109

Top NFT News of the Week

Bored Ape creator Yuga Labs faces SEC probe

Formula One files 8 NFT & metaverse trademarks for F1

Alien Punk #635 was listed for 8,088 ETH

Manifold announces Gallery, zero fee marketplace for creators

The CFO of OpenSea steps down


OpenSea has done $169M volume so far in October

X2Y2’s volume has exceeded LooksRare almost every day the past 3 months

Blockchain games and metaverse projects have raised $7 billion so far in 2022

NFT News

Anthony Hopkin’s Eternal NFT Collection goes live on Open Sea

  • Meebits are entering The Sandbox
  • Azuki introduces the Azuki Collectors Profile
  • MetaStreet secures $10M for NFT Loans in the metaverse
  • Beeple is building a physical studio to bring NFTs into the real world
  • Dallas elementary school uses NFTs are rewards in the classroom
  • Cool Cats sales volumes spikes 200% following Animoca Brands partnership
  • CryptoPunks announces work has begun on the CryptoPunks.App restoration project

Yuga Labs pledges $1M to support education and arts initiatives in Miami

  • Fewocious drops Canvas
  • CryptoPunk #6915 receives bid of 1200 ETH
  • RTFKT x RIMOWA side quest is coming soon
  • Yuga Labs creates an official Instagram account
  • The Sandbox shows sneak peak of BAYC inside Sandbox
  • Microsoft partners with Meta to bring Office 365 apps to the metaverse
  • Mark Zuckerberg says an Open Interoperable Metaverse is better for everyone

Bored Jobs and Ape Beverages announce open casting call to get your Bored Ape put on their next can

  • CNN shuts down NFT vault
  • Foundation introduces Drops
  • Draft kings x SupDucks drops Slycrocs
  • Bored and Hungry celebrates 6 month anniversary
  • Dabber Labs imposes near-complete ban on Russian users
  • Steve Aoki launches Halloween fashion collab with Deadfellaz
  • NFTPerp introduces a perpetuals futures DEX that allows users to trade NFTs without owning them

Snoop Dogg is creating a new way of experiencing music videos

  • sound.xyz introduces Sound Season 4
  • Imaginary Ones NFT charity auction goes live
  • Hair Stylist uses NFTs as currerncy in his salon
  • DeGods announces 0% royalties on its collection
  • Worldwide Webb teases Rugbusterz coming this fall
  • CAMPUS to lead NFT integration for Nissan Heisman House
  • Graviton’s NFT Display is now live on Android & Android TV

Doodles announces DoodlePutt is coming to Miami on 12/2

  • @jennifer_sutto releases NFT weekly recap
  • Collection.xyz launches the first liquidity incentive protocol
  • Players can now upload custom avatars to Nifty Island
  • Cryptex Finance announces plan to launch NFT Index Token
  • New York Cares non-profit highlights using web3 with NFT fundraise
  • Sothebysverse hosts new NFT collection in collab with 3D NFT artist @blakeathryn
  • NFT Embed makes NFTs + wallet connect compatible with Medium, Wordpress, Webflow, and all embeddable websites

Avalanche NFTs go live on OpenSea

  • look at us, we’re in love by @0xTjo sold for 38 ETH
  • @0xKofi introduces Sudoswap.vision
  • FTX lists TreasureDAO MAGIC spot market
  • @GratefulApe_eth creates Grateful Show Guests Twitter list
  • Veve drops Spider-Man Miles Morales digital collectibles
  • CyberBrokers releases new roadmap
  • The Metaverse Spectrum announces the METAVERSE 100
  • OUTER by @kristophershinn goes live on Foundation
  • Disruption by @deekaymotion goes live on a building in London
  • NFT Now is looking to hire for new roles
  • @BoredClint & @Mealsandeals team up with Pier 17 and 0x.17 gallery to curate their own Art Show

Sales of the Week

CryptoPunk #8958 sold for 333 ETH

Azuki #5558 sold for 200 ETH

Bored Ape #3942 sold for 140 ETH

Fidenza #283 sold for 125 ETH

Noun #469 sold for 60.1 ETH

Chromie Squiggle #6057 sold for 19.99 ETH

Articles and Threads

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@stephanminkj introduces Seaport Order Attributions

@nft137 releases Using NFTs As Collateral: We Asked @franklinisbored

@Cooopahtroopa releases This Week in Music NFTs

SuperRare releases How is cryptoart different from other NFTs

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Nft Now releases Pplpleasr’s Two-Year Journey to NFT Stardom Highlights the Importance of Humility

@allenjosephaj releases What to do after you’ve learned Web3 development

@NFTInnovation releases NFT Innovation Digest #55

@iamSemui summarizes notes from the opening session of the UNIC Open Metaverse Initiative META-511

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