Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #107

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #107

Top NFT News of the Week

CryptoPunk #2924 sold for 3,330 $ETH ($4,451,633). This was the 4th largest CryptoPunk sale ever!

The oldest and first NFT on Ethereum was rediscovered

Meta expands the ability to post NFTs on Instagram and Facebook for all users

Hi launches the world’s first customizable NFT debit card with Mastercard

Disney is hiring a transaction lawyer for aggressive NFT and DeFi plans

NFT News

Apple’s App Store wants 30% cut on NFT sales

  • Cool Cats Cool Comics goes live
  • Fragment now owns 4 Mega Mutants
  • Gutter Cat Gang introduces Gang Coin
  • Big Ten Network asks their coaches to define an NFT
  • SEGA announces blockchain game in partnership with Doublejump
  • Coinbase Cloud teams up with Chainlink to bring NFT market data with an NFT Floor Pricing Feed

Walmart announces it is entering the metaverse with two experiences inside gaming platform Roblox

  • Pixel Vault drops new merch
  • RTFKT releases MNLTH2 Quest Update
  • @tylerxhobbs sells out QQL raising $17.6M
  • In collaboration with eBay, OneOf introduces Slam-Girl NFTs
  • University of Nicosia NFTs and The Metaverse class starts 10/3
  • @sebaudet26 shows sneak peak of Optimism NFT integration in Zapper

CryptoPunks goes over 1 Millon ETH trading volume

  • ZORA shows off Future Tape
  • DraftKings introduces Slycrocs to the Supducks family
  • Cryptex Finance announces JPEGz, real-time exposure to the NFT market
  • Sotheby’s Metaverse presents Sebastiao Salgado’s 1st NFT collection titled Amazonia
  • Cool Cats x Habbo Furniture NFTs will be airdropped to Cools Cats and Pets holders on 10/5
  • Cast members from Napoleon Dynamite are reuniting for a blockchain-funded animated Pilot episode called Cyko KO

OpenSea adds the ability to search for accounts by ENS Domains 

  • GALLERY now supports Tezos
  • @punk6529 introduces Gooch Island
  • Immutable was featured on the cover of Forbes
  • Web3 Music Platform Audius hits 7.5M monthly users
  • Showtime drops are now visible in Rainbow Wallet and OpenSea
  • Bored & Dangerous by @jenkinsthevalet is now on Magic Eden

Warner Music Group partners with OpenSea amid broader push for NFTs in the music industry

  • Flip introduces Fantasy Flip
  • AOI starts announces the XCOPY Competition Winners
  • Jen Stark’s first ever glass edition with Avante Art drops 10/26
  • Pixelmon attempts comeback after $70M horrible art reveal
  • @johnnyx_nft shows first on feet look of the RTFKT Cryptokick
  • Winter partners with ens.vision to allow users to buy ENS domains with a credit card

Christies announces global auction house to host fully on-chain sales on Ethereum

  • Crowns by @jubbishjay goes live
  • SuperRare features Weekly Top 10 Picks
  • @jennifer_sutto drops NFT Weekly Update video
  • The Floor App free mint for Chimpers goes live
  • @nix_eth introduces hood3.xyz, an Otherside explorer with a social focus
  • YOUNG & SICK airdrops HODL KING to Just Hodl On holders who held the past year

Timpers designs dope Vans Old Chimps

  • Ape Beverages announces Drop 0001
  • Aspect’s Shopping Cart is now live
  • @aylaelmoussa releases Canvas VII: Shadow on Rock on SuperRare
  • Crypto Grow NFT minting begins 10/19
  • @bay_photography drops Into The Mist on SuperRare
  • CLOUDMACHINE drops on OpenSea
  • NEW HERE mint goes live
  • @cyber_humanoid drops Existence on SuperRare
  • Apetimism is now on OpenSea

Sales of the Week

Mega Mutant #30003 sold for 1000 ETH to @fragmentxyz

CryptoPunk #7273 sold for 369.69 ETH

i feel so lost by @fewocious sold to @artoninternet for 220 ETH

QQL #14 sold for 100 ETH

Noun #456 sold for 72.09 ETH

Weltschmerz by @dangiuz sold for 50 ETH

Otherdeed #2675 sold for 43.69 ETH

Articles and Threads

@WPeaster releases how to lend & borrow NFTs

  • @byswickie releases Los Legends recap
  • @lijin18 releases The New Creator Playbook: Jumpstarting Communities Through Tokens
  • @michaelkasdan release thread on developing NFT commercialization/licensing standards/templates:
  • Billboard releases Sound.xyz is Positioning to Become Music’s Go To NFT Platform
  • @Bcheque1 releases Paper 36: The DAO Danger
  • @treckex releases NFT Market Review
  • @nonieengel releases NFT curation Primer
  • @nft137 releases How To Find The Right NFT Project For You
  • @0xWatkins releases The leading artists in the NFT space are paying their homage to the culture by creating pictures of frogs and you’re missing out
  • Bloomberg releases What Is A Chief Metaverse Officer and Do You Need One

@brycent_ & @erikaleetv release 15 Best NFT Games To Play Right Now

  • @nftnow releases A Complete Guide to Proof Collectives Exclusive Web3 World
  • @belikewater893 releases What does it mean to buy an NFT
  • Hypemoon releases Tally Labs Redefines Metaverse Fashion For Its Azurbala Community
  • @137PM releases Brands Using NFC to Link Physical Clothing with NFTs
  • @Cooopahtroopa releases This Week in Music NFTs
  • @NFT_GOD releases 7 tips for making profitable trades on OpenSea
  • NFT Culture releases Artblocks Announces the end of Series projects
  • @PackripMahoment releases I Quit My Web2 Job: Day One With NFL All Day
  • @nikolas_eth releases The Apple NFT announcement is overwhelmingly positive for the space, here’s why
  • @Blockworks_ releases NFT-focused Fund Finds Parallels to Traditional Venture Investing

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