Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #107

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #107

Top NFT News of the Week

CryptoPunk #2924 sold for 3,330 $ETH ($4,451,633). This was the 4th largest CryptoPunk sale ever!

The oldest and first NFT on Ethereum was rediscovered

Meta expands the ability to post NFTs on Instagram and Facebook for all users

Hi launches the world’s first customizable NFT debit card with Mastercard

Disney is hiring a transaction lawyer for aggressive NFT and DeFi plans

NFT News

Apple’s App Store wants 30% cut on NFT sales

Walmart announces it is entering the metaverse with two experiences inside gaming platform Roblox

CryptoPunks goes over 1 Millon ETH trading volume

OpenSea adds the ability to search for accounts by ENS Domains 

Warner Music Group partners with OpenSea amid broader push for NFTs in the music industry

Christies announces global auction house to host fully on-chain sales on Ethereum

Timpers designs dope Vans Old Chimps

Sales of the Week

Mega Mutant #30003 sold for 1000 ETH to @fragmentxyz

CryptoPunk #7273 sold for 369.69 ETH

i feel so lost by @fewocious sold to @artoninternet for 220 ETH

QQL #14 sold for 100 ETH

Noun #456 sold for 72.09 ETH

Weltschmerz by @dangiuz sold for 50 ETH

Otherdeed #2675 sold for 43.69 ETH

Articles and Threads

@WPeaster releases how to lend & borrow NFTs

@brycent_ & @erikaleetv release 15 Best NFT Games To Play Right Now

Twitter Spaces

Grateful Show Episode #50 w/ @GratefulApe_eth @Ape4249 @beast_eth @tinoforbidden & @TheLandVault

GM NFTs w/ @farokh @greatmando_nft & @osf_nft @toady_hawk & @undeadnoun22

We Do a Little Art Gobblers w/ @DeezeFi @andy8052 @_Dave__White_

Sound.xyz Sound Lounge: A To Z Of Music NFTs w/ @cxy @cooopahtroopa @web3brett @ladidaix & @stvdionouveau


The Delphi Podcast Metaverse Musings w/ @blakeir

Overpriced JPEGS New Here Team on Filmmaking, Crypto Art, and the Future of the Space w/ @tylerxhobbs @beeple @nadyariot @ClaireSilver12 & @gmoneyNFT

Empire Pod Music NFTs & The Next Generation Of Music w/ @cooopahtroopa

NFT Catcher Podcast Episode 92 Entering Magic Eden w/ @jennifer_sutto @NFTicket @sidazhang & @0xLeoInRio

100 Proof: A Conversation with Frank of Degods and y00ts

Mint Episode Venture Capital and Data Driven Community Building w/ @levychain & @richardchen39

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