Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #106

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #106

Top NFT News of the Week

Arbitrum NFTs go live on OpenSea

The New England Patriots purchase patriots.eth for 75 ETH

Snoop Dogg releases CC0 Song

Jack Daniels files NFT & Metaverse Trademark Application

Tyler Hobbs releases QQL

NFT News

Deadfellaz shows off their interpretation of the Chicago Bulls iconic logo

  • Sorare launches app for Android
  • Gutter Cat Gang Gutter Con goes live
  • Universal Studios announces NFT scavenger hunts
  • OpenSea show’s off brand new customizable drop page
  • World of Women x The Fabricant x RLTY host biggest digital fashion event of the year in the metaverse

@lior_eth shows off Ares, the Mega Robot Hound

  • Coinbase NFT releases Aggregated Listings
  • ZORA introduces Airdrop on the Creator Toolkit
  • Jen Stark x Whisbe Vandalz are coming September 28
  • The SUPERPLASTIC Bored Ape vinyl toy crew was on display at their NYC Store
  • The PGA Tour and Autograph link up to launch a golf-focused NFT platform on Ethereum

Azuki creator closes in on $30 million fundraise

  • OpenSea launches OpenRarity
  • Mike Tyson teams up ExPopulus
  • Cool Cats Cool Comics mint goes live
  • International NFT Day was on September 20
  • The Buenos Aires Marathon medals were given as NFTs

The Canelo/GGG fight was live streamed in Decentraland

  • Decentraland announces NFT Emotes
  • The Habbo x Cool Cats collab goes live
  • The Chimpers Chimp Run game is now open to the public
  • HeyMint announces no-code smart contract generator coming soon
  • NFT Backup Service from ClubNFT is now available on Known Origin

@ChiefCoolCat is the new CEO of Cool Cats

  • Magic Eden celebrates its 1st birthday
  • Sound.xyz announces the Sound Protocol
  • Custom subdomains go live on Earth.Domains
  • Bandai Namco, SEGA, and Square Enix are eyeing blockchain gaming
  • @aylaelmoussa drops Canvas V: Somewhere Near Landmannalaugar on SuperRare

@cathsimard_ drops Gnossienne No. 1 on SuperRare

  • X.xyz introduces the new X Marketplace
  • Mint Square launches Rarity Rankings & NFT Profile Pictures
  • Vulcan Forged raises $8M in Series A Funding
  • @nix_eth was rewarded a $100K bounty for a vulnerability he found on OpenSea
  • Coinbase Wallet releases Dapp Spotlight on Magic Eden
  • NFT Mag drops the first phygital book on Nifty Gateway
  • @jennifer_sutto drops new NFT Weekly Update

Sales of the Week

CryptoPunk #3313 sold for 236.9 ETH

Yin Yang by @deekaymotion sold for 118 ETH

Where My Vans Go by DrifterShoots sold for 100.69 ETH

Fidenza #459 sold for 97.5 ETH

Noun #451 sold for 78.5 ETH

Articles and Threads

@WPeaster releases Historical NFTs

  • @redlion_news drops Gazette Issue 106
  • @0xPrismatic releases What’s Next for PFPs
  • Parsec releases new Parsec Weekly
  • @BCheque1 releases Paper 35: Media
  • @0xdarlington releases Journey Through Cairo VII
  • @banklessDAO releases Journey Into Web3 with Starkbucks Odyssey
  • @Cooopahtroopa releases This Week in Music NFTs
  • Forefront releases Newsletter Edition 106

@BFreshHB releases thread on why Arbitrum coming to OpenSea is great for everyone

  • @chainsawdotcom releases What Does NFT Ownership Truly Mean, Anyway
  • @137pm releases 11 Professional Athletes Who Are Avid NFT Collectors
  • @waveninja1 releases The 1% Patch: Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Trademark Trouble
  • @shivsakhuja releases How much $ can you make working in web3
  • @WPeaster releases 90th Bankless Metaversal
  • @punk6529 releases On Some Very Gentle Tradart Post-Merge Carbon Trolling
  • @0xMavWisdom releases NFT Royalty Controversy: Should I Pay? To whom?
  • @TheNFT101 releases Is This The Biggest Web2 vs Web3 Brand Conundrum

Twitter Spaces

Grateful Show #48 w/ @GratefulApe_eth @beast_eth @tinoforbidden @Ape4249 @ZHeerwagen

Rug Radio GM NFTs w/ @farokh @osf_nft & @greatmando_nft

This Week in NFTs w/ @The333Club

Music NFT Launchpad Recap w/ @Cooopahtroopa


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