Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #104

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #104

Top NFT News of the Week

LG to allow users to buy, sell, and display NFTs on their TVs

Ford files 19 NFT and metaverse related trademark applications

Sorare announces partnership with the NBA to launch the 1st NFT-based fantasy basketball game on Ethereum Layer 2 Starkware 

GameStop announces partnership with FTX

ENS Domains tops Bored Ape Yacht Club on OpenSea’s weekly chart


Almost 24 million NFTs have been sold on Ethereum

Blockchain gaming sees all time high in games funded in Q2

NFT News

The Chicago Bullls are collabing with 23 artists to recreate the Bulls logo as an NFT

Merriam-Webster Dictionary adds metaverse to their dictionary

Deadfellaz & Wrangler announce partnership

The Gutter Cat Gang DNA-2 Gutter Juice sale goes live

Google Cloud will be running a Ronin Network validator to bolster security of Ronin and advanced their vision of building a gaming universe

FIFA launches NFT platform on Algorand

Meta to open 10 Metaverse Campuses as part of $150 million immersive learning project

Sales of the Week

Otherdeed #12 sold for 279 ETH

sold for 279 ETH

Night Market District by @Seerlight sold for 100 ETH

sold for 100 ETH

Noun #433 sold for 78.69 ETH

sold for 78.69 ETH

BLeU by @0xTjo sold for 69.42 ETH

sold for 69.42 ETH

Where My Vans Go #5 by @DrifterShoots sold for 46.69 ETH

sold for 46.69 ETH

MoonCat #1105 sold for 35 ETH

sold for 35 ETH

Articles and Threads

@NTmoney releases ENS is the perfect NFT collection

@redion_news releases Redlion Gazette #104

CoinDesk releases NFTs Can and Will Be So Much More

@forefront__ releases Newsletter Edition 104

@gldncrypt0 releases GM NFTs thread

@NFTInnovation releases NFT Innovation Digest #51

@TheSpartanLabs releases Dutch Auctions are Great for NFT Pricing, Here’s Why

@WPeaster releases 87th Bankless Metaversal

@espressoinsight releases How will EIP-4883 shape the 3D internet of the future

@getpuddle releases roundup of Web2 brands taking the leap into Web3

@Cooopahtroopa releases This Week in Music NFTs

@lexology releases Intellectual Property Implications in the Metaverse

@_Dave__White_ releases Gradual Ownership Optimization

Coolhunting.com releases interview w/ @mattmedved @samhysell & @LuisANavia of @nftnow

Twitter Spaces

Rug Radio Women in Web 3

Grateful Show #42 w/ @GabrielJWeis & The Stoics

NFT Pirate Radio


The First Mint Why NFTs Will Be So Much Bigger Than We Think

Overpriced JPEGS Episode 51 with Ledger CXO

We Do A Little Episode 2 ZORA

NFT Catcher Podcast Episode #87

Mint Coop Records Just Raised $10 million

Proof A Conversation with @frankdegods and y00ts

32 Dreams NFT World #16

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