Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #103

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #103

Top NFT News of the Week

Meta launches the ability to post Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow NFTs on Facebook and Instagram

Eminem and Snoop Dogg do a BAYC Otherside performance at the MTV VMAs

A Coinbase user paid 119.2 ETH ($185,000) to get beer with Bill Murray, winning an NFT charity auction that will include a painting of the date.

OpenSea announces it will only support Ethereum Proof of Stake after the Merge and will not support any hard forks

Ticketmaster chooses Dapper Labs Flow Blockchain for NFT Tickets


Over 45% of OpenSeaā€™s traffic comes from mobile devices

Polygon was the 3rd biggest blockchain in NFT Sales Volume in a 24 hour period

30 day volume on Sudoswap is nearing 2x the volume on LooksRare

NFT News

Dr. Bombay x Bruce x Ape Editions drop goes live

  • RTFKTĀ CloneX forging goes live
  • Art Block announcesĀ Art Blocks Engine
  • Nifty GatewayĀ introduces Publishers
  • OthersideMeta releasesĀ prequel Otherside trailer
  • a16z announces they are investing $50M in PROOF
  • World of WomenĀ capacitors transformations go live
  • Hermes reveals plansĀ for Metaverse Fashion Shows
  • BLACKPINK wins theĀ MTV VMA for Best Metaverse Performance

Pudgy Penguins introduce Pudgy Penguins Childrenā€™s Book

  • Genies launchesĀ NFT fashion marketplace
  • SushiSwap announcesĀ AI NFT Competition
  • VERITE x ZORAĀ billboard spotted in the wild
  • NFTfi goes overĀ $250 million in total loan volume
  • a16z announcesĀ The Canā€™t Be Evil NFT Licenses
  • Animoca Brands receivesĀ $100M investment from Temasek
  • Parallel opensĀ PDV faucet for users to claim a free Parallel card
  • Bored Ape member @lior_ethĀ announces Mutant Hounds project

Polygon is now on Seaport

  • Nansen addsĀ Latest Mints table
  • RTFKT announcesĀ Murakami Drop collection
  • Animoca BrandsĀ participates in the Swapkiki seed round
  • Gods UnchainedĀ Mortals, Daily Play and Earn is live
  • Season 1 of The Real MetaverseĀ has officially started
  • Alchemy announces new improvements to their NFT API
  • KINETIC introducesĀ the first multi-chain NFT aggregator
  • MONOLITH GalleryĀ announces they are a beta partner of the new Nifty Gateway Publishes Platform

NFT London announces NFT Tickets featuring XCOPY art for NFT London 2022

  • Arc8 announcesĀ Cool Cats merchandise
  • @evbuilds announcesĀ XCOPY Remix Contest
  • @jubbishjay dropsĀ Everything to Lose on SuperRare
  • PleasrDAO is lookingĀ to hire a Head of Marketing
  • @jennifer_sutto relesaesĀ 7 things you missed in the NFT space in the last week
  • Deca presents theĀ inaugural exhibit of the Tezos Permanent Art Collection
  • Avastars announcesĀ the ability to own a 3D Avatar counterpart for all holders
  • Proof of Beauty celebrates the MergeĀ by launching the second installment in the EPICS project

AdamBombSquad x Cool Cats merch starts arriving

  • FRAAM3 launchesĀ new GM NFT templates
  • Illustramanda Fenix collectionĀ goes live and sells out
  • Internet Game announcesĀ GameStopNFT wallet integration
  • SLIMESHOP by Slime Sunday isĀ dropping 9/8 on OpenSea
  • @punk6529 announces theĀ 6529 Curation Competition on Deca
  • Limit Break raisesĀ $200M over two rounds to build Web 3 MMO games
  • Obscura announces the launch of theĀ Obscura Museum in partnership w/ @OM100m by @punk6529
  • @ap3father sets up a charity competitionĀ between Crypto Punks and Bored Apes to benefit a Childrenā€™s Hospital

Formula 1 registers 2 new trademarks relating to NFTs and the metaverse

  • Noun CatsĀ go live
  • You can now get adviceĀ from a Bored Ape on Cameo
  • @dipanjan_photos isĀ now on SuperRare
  • @ZenAcademyĀ launches on Instagram
  • Zapper addsĀ Lil Nouns DAO to their DAO page
  • Come Together by @kristophershinnĀ is now live on SuperRare
  • SquiggleDAO isĀ hiring new positions
  • @mattmedved isĀ now on SuperRare
  • Twitter shuts downĀ Degodā€™s Twitter account
  • @ClaireSilver12 doesĀ takeover of @ProfessorJun_ā€™s account
  • GameStopNFTĀ releases v0.8.0
  • Donā€™t Wake Me Up by @billydeee_Ā sold for 15 ETH
  • FingerprintsDAO doesĀ member spotlight on @iamDCinvestor
  • Vinnie HagerĀ signs with United Talent
  • @PXhita dropsĀ A history of cryptoart on Nifty Gateway
  • @backseats_eth writes a smart contractĀ with a function to gift NFTs to people
  • Internet GameĀ mint for season 2 goes live
  • Chimpers partners with Probably SomethingĀ to trial their Lifeboat creator platform

Sales of the Week

Bored Ape #6588 sold for 769.9 ETH

arbolito2 by manoloide sold for 180 ETH

Bored Ape #4673 sold for 109 ETH

Otherdeed #77336 sold for 99 ETH

CloneX #18049 sold for 99 ETH

Noun #425 sold for 64.7 ETH

@MattKaneArtist Gazers 362 sold for 44.4 ETH

Articles and Threads

@dgntec releases NFTs, DeFi, and Real Estate

  • @Cooopahtroopa releasesĀ This Week in Music NFTs
  • @redlion_news releasesĀ Redlion Gazette #103
  • @BCheque1 releasesĀ Paper 32: How Nike Is Killing Their NFT Competition
  • @levychain releasesĀ Sunday TL;DR Issue #51
  • @daniel_eckler releasesĀ AI Art 101
  • @NFTInnovation releasesĀ NFT Innovation Digest #50
  • @forefront__ releasesĀ Newsletter Edition 103
  • @0xQuits shows offĀ new NFT scam going around

@RtClick_Save releases Get Liked Or Die Tryin

  • @Coinbase_NFT releasesĀ recap of everything they announced in August
  • @badte_eth releases threadĀ on decentralized IP
  • Framework Ventures releasesĀ navigating Web3 Compensation: A Framework Report
  • @0xAlec releasesĀ The Future of On-Chain Gaming
  • @WPeaster releasesĀ A new way to sell metaverse land
  • Vogue Singapore releasesĀ article on Women leading the charge in NFTs
  • RTFKT releasesĀ all you need to know about CloneX Forging SZN 1
  • @redlion_news releasesĀ $260 Million and Counting: What have the Top 10 Brands built with NFT Sales
  • @nft137 releasesĀ How Swoops NFTs Are Revolutionizing the Sports Fan Experience

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