Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #101

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #101

Top NFT News of the Week

Spotify adds NFT functionality

Anthony Hopkins launches first NFT collection

Bored Ape #5383 sold for 777 ETH

Immutable X jumps Solana in daily NFT sales volume

The first federally chartered digital asset bank, Anchorage, is now the first U.S. bank to custody CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, & World of Women NFTs


OpenSea has done $355 million volume so far in August

Weekly Polygon NFT volume was over $902 million

SudoSwap goes over 10K ETH volume

NFT News

Bored Ape Yacht Club goes over 1 million Twitter followers

  • SuperPlastic drops vinyl Mutant Apes
  • Phantom launches NFT burning feature
  • NFL ALL DAY drops first pack and goes live
  • @DrifterShoots Bridging The Gap drops on Nifty Gateway
  • Nifty Gateway has big announcement coming September 1
  • Native listings are now live on the Pudgy Penguins Marketplace
  • Paradigm leads $20M round for Fractional as it rebrands to Tessera

The Hundreds drops Cool Cats merch

  • Pixel Vault introduces PRISM
  • emoji & RECUR announce NFT drop
  • @DrifterShoots drops Foreshadowing on SuperRare
  • World of Women shows off the WoWverse
  • The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 begins August 24
  • Gordon Ramsey announces Hells Kitchen is coming to The Sandbox
  • PROOF announces FuturePROOF Meetup in LA coming August 30

Boss Beauties signs with WME to go into film, TV, digital, and gaming

  • Blame Farokh trends on Twitter
  • Meditation on GM by @aylaelmoussa goes live
  • LooksRare is looking to hire 5 positions
  • Velatura by @ClaireSilver12 drops on Nifty Gateway
  • Tycho launches the Tycho Open Source Community
  • We Do A Little Podcast by Teressera releases open edition NFT
  • LooksRare has helped distribute over $65M in royalities to artists and creators to date

CryptoPunks IP rights agreement is now live

  • C0C0DAO goes live
  • Showtime releases new Free NFT view
  • ZAAP releases sneak peak of their first NFT collections
  • Gods Unchained Refer and Earn Program goes live
  • @rachstewart_nz drops Enchanted Visions on SuperRare
  • GameStopNFT releases wallet version 0.7.0
  • The NFT Finance Hackathon goes live
  • @0x_catherine releases XCOPY Dune Dashboard
  • NFTfi announces partnership with BootNode and Gnosis Safe

Sales of the Week

Bored Ape Kennel Club #8234 sold for 499,998 USDC

Otherdeed for Otherside #25415 w/ Koda #9919 sold for 183 ETH

Noun #411 sold for 76.28 ETH

Mutant Ape #11057 sold for 60 ETH

Where My Vans Go #44 by DrifterShoots sold for 46 ETH

External Gratification by Pop Wonder sold for 10.69 ETH

  • @Zeneca_33 releases Letter 30: Creator Royalties in NFTs
  • Redlion News releases Redlion Gazette #101
  • @WPeaster releases 85th Bankless Metaversal
  • The Milk Road releases deep dive on Decentral Games
  • @TheMetaFactory releases The State of Digital to Physical
  • @Cooopahtroopa releases This Week in Music NFTs

Vogue releases article on @gmoneyNFT’s experimental luxury label launch

  • @artblocks_io releases Meet the Art Blocks Curation Board
  • @andr3w releases Punk 7987 has landed. A thread on the journey
  • @corleonescrypto releases Everything you need to know about SudoSwap
  • Ocavu releases What are NFTs and why are they becoming a big part of NIL deals
  • @wardaddycapital releases deep dive on music NFTs and the web3 music eco for PROOF

Twitter Spaces

Grateful Show #34: Community Building w/ @GratefulApe_eth @beast_eth @Ape4249 @darko_eth @SwoleLuksoBags @MLeeJr @HizzyInc @EthShotGuy @Iam6ix @ThGoodKnight @LoroMasnah @tinoforbidden & myself

BAYC 1 Million Follower Community Celebration w/ @illaDaProducer & @TheMiamiApe

Rug Radio GM NFTs w/ @farokh @greatmando_nft @deezefi

Top Web3 Games to Play Right Now w/ @brycent_

ZenAcademy This Week In NFTs w/ @Zeneca_33 @DancingEddie_ & @The333Club


Full Send Podcast - Bored Ape Founders w/ @GordonGoner & @CryptoGarga

Overpriced JPEGs The Music Industry’s Downfall w/ @carlypreilly & @austin_hurwitz

Mint Where Big Data, DeFi, and NFTs Intersect w/ @levychain & @ASvanevik

NFT Catcher Episode 80 w/ @jennifer_sutto @NFTicket & @ScalyNelson

32 Dreams NFT World #14 w/ @BCheque1 & @Legendary_NFT

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