Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #100

Weekly Recap By Crypto Gucci #100

Top NFT News of the Week

A Bored Ape Mega MutantĀ sold for 2300 ETH ($3.9 million)

sold for 2300 ETH

OpenSeaĀ takes a shot at Magic Eden on Twitter

The Los Angeles Rams team up with Dapper Labs & NFL ALL DAY to release Super Bowl LVI Ring NFTs

Lamborghini drops new NFTs

The GameStop wallet is now fully integrated with Immutable X


OpenSea has done $236 million volume so far in August

CryptoPunks had the highest volume on OpenSea this week

There is now over $50M in cumulative loan volume for Bored Apeā€™s on NFTfi

NFT News

OpenSea updates stolen items policy

The Weeknd goes on a big NFT buying spree

Happy Dad Hard Seltzer releases limited edition Bored Ape Banana Flavor

Pinata announces $21.5M raise to scale NFT media infrastructure

Sales of the Week

Bored Ape #7863 sold for 344 ETH

sold for 344 ETH

CryptoPunk #9400 sold for 300 ETH

sold for 300 ETH

Noun #401 sold for 95.3 ETH

sold for 95.3 ETH

gn by @GrantYun2 sold for 42 ETH

sold for 42 ETH

Xtasis by @cathsimard sold for 30 ETH

sold for 30 ETH

PENDING// by @fvckrender sold for 25 ETH to The Weeknd

sold for 25 ETH to The Weeknd

Murders and Executions by @AlienqueenNFT sold for 16.9 ETH

sold for 16.9 ETH

Articles and Threads

Cincinnati.com releasesĀ article on Driftershoots story

@vickyfloresn releases Breaking down Starkbucks web3 strategy and why it matters

Twitter Spaces

Grateful Show #30Ā w/ @GratefulApe_eth @Ape4249 @beast_eth @tinoforbidden @cameronmoulene & @NonFungibleFilm

This Week In NFTsĀ w/ @Zeneca_33 & @The333Club

Optimism NFTsĀ w/ @quixotic_io & @NiftyKitApp

ONE37pm ENDSTATE: The Next Step In Sneaker NFTsĀ w/ @StephanieWeb3 @nand3r @erikaleetv @trademarksaint & @davidfilar


Edge of NFT What's Next For NFTs w/ @gmoneyNFT & @9dccxyz

Mint Shorts: Why Do We Need Decentralized Token Curated Registries w/ @levychain & @MPtherealmvp

PROOF Podcast w/ @kevinrose @derekedws & @toddg777

NFT Catcher Podcast w/ @jennifer_sutto @NFTicket & @DCLBlogger

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