Weekly Market Analysis by DegenData

Weekly Market Analysis by DegenData


This week was an exciting week in the NFT world.  Newer projects began to pick up momentum while some NFT Bluechip projects saw continued growth and adoption. 

This weeks “new kid on the block” was  Cryptoadz.  These Pixelated toadz living in the marshy wetlands formerly known as Uniswamp, have been seeing some serious price action when looking at secondary market sales. Below we can see volume and median price sales since the project launched. 

In a period of 4 days between September 20th - 24th, the median price of a Cryptoad rose from .9 ETH to above 6 ETH.  At the time of writing, the floor is currently at 5 ETH.  

We are seeing some wallets making some big bets on Cryptoadz as well. When looking at the top buyers since the project launch we can see the 0xe301613 spending ~295 ETH on 15 Cryptoadz. 

The largest cryptoad sale  (below) went for 125 ETH on September 20th. 

This will be a fun project to continue to watch develop further.  We are already seeing members build some Cryptoadz derivative projects such as Toadz Sock, an NFT Sock backed by a physical pair where owners can mint 1 pair of socks for each Cryptoad they own. 


The CryptoPunk market has begun to pick up again as well.  In Mid September we saw the minimum sale range between 70 - 80 ETH.  Since September 15th and 16th volume, floor and median price has been continually rising.  There have been 3 large volume days with over 50 CryptoPunks sales this month. 

The CryptoPunk market saw roughly $177,000,000 (59000 ETH)  in volume this past month across 560 sales.   The largest sale was for 2,000 ETH to this 3d Glasses Zombie. 

Additionally, the market saw 310 unique wallets buying a punk and 362 unique wallets selling.  In totally, the CryptoPunk market now has 3,062 unique holders. 

Chromie Squiggles

Chromie Squiggles have had an absolutely wild month. Top 5 Chromie Squiggles below ranged from 946 ETH to 206 ETH. 

The single largest buyer of Chromie Squiggles this month spent  2,830 ETH on 12 Squiggles. 

This month Chromie Squiggles have dominated all Art Blocks Curated volume with 27% of all trade volume (by transactions count). 

Finally, the number of distinct holders keeps climbing . 

It has been a wildly exciting month for the original Art Block project. 

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