Week 34 Biggest NFT Sales

Week 34 Biggest NFT Sales


Art Blocks

Where do we even start on this one? There have been so many high sales that it would be nearly impossible to go through them all, but we can always try. This week the Art Block's highest NFT sale record was broken three times. The now highest ever sale Art Block sale is Ringers #879, which sold for 1,800 ETH. The second-highest Art Block sale is Fidenza #313 which sold for 1,000 ETH, and the third-highest is Fidenza #772 which sold for 777 ETH. Other notable sales from this week include Fidenza #870, Fidenza #529, and Ringers #686 all were sold for 500 ETH.

In other Art Blocks news, dino pals #41 sold for 375, which is a record for the Art Block Factory. 



Punks had a strong week this week with multiple high sales and Visa buying their very own Punk. This week's highest Punk sale was Zombie Punk #7252 which sold for 1,600 ETH; it is now the fourth highest Punk sale all time.

Other notable Punk sales include Punk #8888 which sold for 888.8 ETH, Punk #9052 sold for 500 ETH, Punk #9373 sold for 499.99 ETH, Punk #2310 sold for 380 ETH, and both Punk #9100 and Punk #8445 sold for 350 ETH.


-3- Gxhst

Artist Gxhst just sold his Bioluminescent Sirxn for 619.5 ETH. This sale makes the piece the highest sale of a non-generative piece across all NFTs in the last 30+ days. 


Sad Doge

For the most interesting piece of the week, Sad Doge sold for $2 million on Friday. 


Bored Apes

Bored Apes also had a great week with two record sales. The first major sale was Ape #9361 which sold for a record 500 ETH. The other major sale was Gold Ape #1734, and it sold for 420 ETH. These sales come on the same week celebrities like Stephen Curry, FaZe Banks, and Logan Paul all bought apes. 

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