Week 33 Biggest NFT Sales

Week 33 Biggest NFT Sales

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With by far one of the craziest sales we’ve seen, a complete set of Deafbeef sold for an extraordinary price of 2,275 ETH by Keyboard Monkey. This sale is now a new OpenSea record. The set includes 6 NFT pieces from all of the DeafBeets series. Keyboard Monkey was able to flip these pieces from the original 110 ETH he bought them for to 2,275 ETH in only three months. 


Art Blocks

Just like these past weeks, the Art Blocks market is still on fire, with the Hot Fidenza Summer. Fidenza #723 sold for 650 ETH, Fidenza #216 sold for 320 ETH, Fidenza #31 sold for 280 ETH, Fidenza #97 sold for 250 ETH, and Fidenza #861 sold for 230 ETH. 

Other top Art Block sales include Archetype #397 sold for 420 ETH and Ringers #377 for 350 ETH. 



It wouldn’t be a top NFT sales list without Punks on it. Although the Punk market has slowed since its explosion in mid-July, there still have been huge sales. Punk #3468 sold for 255 ETH, Punk #2180 sold for 249 ETH, and Punk #1559 for 220 ETH.



The Sci-Fi NFT card game, Parallel, had its highest sale ever, with the card Void Crystal going for 135 ETH.



This week’s newest pfp project is Pudgy Penguins, a collection of 8,888 chubby penguins. This week Pudgy Penguin #3950 sold for 130 ETH, which is the second-highest sale for a Pudgy Penguin.

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