Week 32 Biggest NFT Sales

Week 32 Biggest NFT Sales

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Art Blocks

The amount of Art Block that sold for an extraordinary price could be its own list. There were so many record sales that our own Twitter couldn’t keep an updated top 10 highest sales list. Let’s go through some of the biggest ones of this week and hope that we don't miss too much. Chromie Squiggle #3784 sold for an Artblocks record 750 ETH. The Ringer curation had a good week with Ringer #52 sold for 400 ETH and Ringer #360 sold for 370 ETH. Archetype #213 sold for 320 ETH and Archetype #527. The Fidenza series is still doing well when Fidenza #607 sold for 300 ETH and Fidenza #310 sold for 250 ETH. And of course, there’s squiggles, Chromie Squiggle #4008 sold for 250 ETH, Chromie Squiggle #1780 sold for 235, and Chromie Squiggle #2557 sold for 130 ETH. The crazy thing about all these sales is everyone except one is in the top 10 largest Art Blocks Curated sales. 

The Art Blocks playground even had a huge sale when The Eternal Pump #40 sold for 225 ETH. 


Bored Apes YC

For the first time in four weeks, Punks do not come out on the first spot. This week Bored Apes YC had a great week. Gold Ape #3749 sold for a record 400 ETH. Ape #7345 sold for 210 ETH, making it the second-highest Ape sale. 



The Punk market is still pumping with two major hoodie sales this week. Punk #7748 sold for 240 ETH and Punk #6634 which has 3D glasses sold for 300 ETH. These sales come as CryptoPunks $1 billion total volume. 



Pegz is making a return in this list when Peg #103 sold for an apparent 420 ETH...good one. 



This might not be that high of a sale but because it's Beeple it’s worth mentioning. After being dormant for a long while, there was a big sale of one edition of Beeple’s first $1 drop sold for 95 ETH. The last one sold two months ago for 41 ETH. 

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