Week 31 Biggest NFT sales

Week 31 Biggest NFT sales

This week we have more of the usual making massive sales and a new addition to the list. Let’s get into it!

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Another week, another list of mindblowing punk sales. This week 2 Zombie punks and 2 beanie punks took the top sales spots. Zombie Punk #2338 and #7252 each sold for 1500 ETHand 1k ETH respectively raising the floor to 1.6k ETH. Beanie Punk #8620 and #9749 each sold for 400 ETH and 317 ETH respectively setting the floor to 725 ETH. 


All of these past sales this week have now pushed the Punk floor to 29 ETH. 



Another amazing week for Autoglyphs, there were 2 sales each over 250 ETH.  #423 bought for 259 ETH and #497 was bought for 259 ETH. The floor currently sits at 290 ETH with one Autoglyph left before breaking 350 ETH.



Meebits made list this week when an alien Meebit selling for 469 ETH. After sinking to a low of under 1 ETH the Meebits floor has slowly been steadily rising over the past few months and is now sitting at just under 4 ETH.



This week’s newest editions to list are PEGZ. PEGZ is a series of 100 unique collectables, each one of a kind and drawn digitally by the original creator of Pepe, Matt Furie. This week we are witnessing PEGZ climb the leaderboard after initially making news when Peg 090 sold for 166 ETH. Just yesterday PEGZ made a new record auctioning off Peg 103 for 269 ETH.



Xcopy made it back on the list again selling their ‘summer.jpg’ NFT for 336.5 ETH to 6529.

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