Week 30 Biggest NFT sales

Week 30 Biggest NFT sales

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This week’s list could’ve been dedicated to the biggest Punk sale, due to the amount of mindblowing sales, but we’ll just go through the most expensive sales of the crazy week. Ape Punk 5217 was sold for 2250 ETH, the ape has a golden chain and knighted cap.

Also this week, Garyvee paid big bucks to get his very own Ape Punk when he paid 1600 ETH to get Punk 2140. 

The Zombie Punk market was on fire this week when five were sold at noteworthy prices. Punk 3831 was sold for 850 ETH, Punk 6649 was sold at 810 ETH, Punk 8472 was sold for 700 ETH, and Punk 2329 was sold for 450 ETH. All of these sales were in the top 20 all-time Punk sales. One interesting note is Punk 6649 was for 450 ETH on Thursday and was flipped for 810 ETH two days later...crazy!


All of these past sales this week have now pushed the Punk floor to 29 ETH. 



There’s a continuation of last week, Autoglyphs are being sold for extraordinary prices as the floor is now 355 ETH. 15 different Autoglyphs were each sold for over 100 ETH this week, the highest of them being Autoglyph #290 which was sold for 380 ETH. 



Crypto artist OG, Xcopy just had one of his 1/1 pieces sell for 200 ETH. “Breaker” was auctioned off by MoCA ending with the winning bid of 200 ETH. 



Deafbeef’s work had a huge week, four of his pieces each individually sold for over 110 ETH. “DEAFBEEF Series 3: Entropy” sold for 130 ETH, a bundle of “DEAFBEEF Series 4: Glitchbox” and “DEAFBEEF Series 2: Transmission” sold for 190 ETH, “DEAFBEEF Series 0: Synth Poems” sold for 117 ETH, and “DEAFBEEF Series 1: Angular” sold for 120 ETH. 



This week's record was set when Chromie Squiggle Perfect Spectrum was bought for 90 ETH. Also, Chromie Squiggle #3830 was for 70 ETH. 

The Fidenza market is still going crazy. For example Fidenza #410 sold for 150 ETH, Fidenza #725 sold for 135 ETHm, and Fidenza #479 sold for 130 ETH respectively.  

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