Week 29 Biggest NFT sales

Week 29 Biggest NFT sales

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Let’s first start off this list with two Punk sales. Mike sold Beanie Punk #5002 was bought for 205 ETH, making it the 30th most expensive Punk sale. Another Beanie Punk went for 195 ETH, Beanie Punk #5690. These sales come in the same week that Punk floor hit 20 ETH. 


Axie Infinity

Recently the Axie Infinity market has been exploding, with every part of the game being sold for super high prices. This week Axie Infinity #3018 was bought for 112 ETH. This remarkable sale is not new to the game; as more and more people go into it, the prices have risen significantly. In the past 30 days, Axie Infinity has transacted half a billion dollars in sales.



Another LarvaLabs project had two huge sales this week on the secondary market. The biggest being Autoglyph #361, being bought for 120 ETH. Also, Autoglyph #378 was bought for 103.3 ETH. These sales may signal a resurrection in the project. 



Artblocks had a crazy week, from the curated drop that had over $1 million worth of gas used to an extraordinarily high secondary sale. Firstly the Art Blocks drop, “‘glitch crystal monsters” by Alida Sun, sold out instantly and had minters use an incredible amount of gas to get their hands on one. There was also a sale of Fidenza #938 for 100 ETH, making it the highest sale in the past 30 days for Art Blocks. 


Bored Apes 

The big Bored Apes sale of the week was Bored Ape #544 was bought for 73 ETH. Just like last week’s big sale, it was another solid gold fur ape. The Bored Ape was purchased by an ape collector, Golden_Miyagi.

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