Tweet Market is open

Tweet Market is open

Tokenizing and selling tweets is definitely not a new idea, what is new here is the seamless and straightforward implementation of such a mechanism. To say that this market is in infant stage would be an understatement.

Of course, there are people who loved the idea and started bidding and some others that were more skeptical about it.
We are not going down the rabbit hole of analyzing why a tweet can be valuable or comparing it to cryptoart, what we’ll do is have a look at the value. The best argument so far has been brought up by Carlini.

It is a big what if case, but it’s true that if the tokenization was happening officially by Twitter then the value would be indisputable.

Also begs the question? What if Twitter enables that in the future? What happens then? Will valuables by Cent be the first app that they will move against? What will happen to the market and the tweets that have sold ?

All that remains to be seen and for sure the future will be exciting.

What we can all agree though is that Xcopy’s tweets stole the show. Read the whole performance art act on his Twitter here.

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