This Week in NFTs: Yuga’s Mechs, Reddit Gen 3, Metamask Rumors, NFT Inspect Acquisition

This Week in NFTs: Yuga’s Mechs, Reddit Gen 3, Metamask Rumors, NFT Inspect Acquisition

This past week saw some big migrations, bigger reveals, new rumors were created, old rumors were crushed… let’s dive in.

Yuga Labs Revealed Their hv-mtl Collection.

Pronounced "heavy metal," this new PFP collection is getting a lot of hype. Yuga's set of 30k futuristic, cartoony mechs comes from the hv-mtl boxes that were rewarded from the Dookie Dash competition. There are eight mech archetypes that will undergo an evolution as users “play” with them. In other words, the mechs are dynamic NFTs that will immutably transform depending on user actions. Since that means changes are irreversible, the heavy metal site recommends that owners “don’t fuck this up!” Currently the boxes haven’t been opened yet. You can swipe one on OpenSea for just under 2 Ethereum.

Reddit’s Generation Three Avatars Are Rumored to Release… Soon?

Reddit Avatars Generation Three Coming Soon

As pointed out by a nearly month-old post, Reddit has created a new contract on Polygon for the Gen 3 collection. Many people believed that April Fools would be a good time to drop and/or stealth drop the collection. That led to an opportunity for one troll to play an April Fool’s joke! Never-the-less, whenever the next Avatars drop, there will be a big opportunity for collectors. Anyone who is online and refreshing the Reddit Shop frequently enough, will get a chance to buy an avatar at face value: $9.99 to $99.99. Then, if gen 3 follows the pattern of the first two drops, owners can sell their avatars on the secondary market for many multiples of face value. 

Metamask squashed rumors of a “snapshot/airdrop/etc. on March 31st.”

This non-announcement was made to protect people from scammers and phishers who prey on airdrop hunters. That doesn’t mean an airdrop isn’t happening… it just means the airdrop you “just got” is a trojan horse that you’ve unwittingly let into your wallet! Be careful out there, Anon. Always check urls before visiting sites and signing transactions. 

NFT Inspect Bought By Mystery Owners

Web3 social data site, NFT Inspect, just announced its acquisition. On January 3rd, the popular platform shocked Crypto Twitter by announcing it was going to shut down. This led to a massive outpouring of support as well as acquisition offers. A week later, NFT Inspect said it would not shut down and instead would weigh the different offers it received. So far, the new owners are building up anticipation but haven’t revealed who they are or their plans for “Inspect 2.0.”

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