Sotheby's Loves NFTs

Sotheby's Loves NFTs

...and their respective crypto communities favorite NFTs to showcase in addition to putting on a hell of a great presentation!

“Sotheby’s landmark digital media auction Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale, will showcase both commissioned and existing NFTs from a variety of digital artists. Together, the sale demonstrates the breadth of mediums, creativity, and artistic expression made possible by NFTs. The sale is hosted by Sotheby’s and co-curated with Robert Alice. For information on how to set up an account, how to bid, and FAQs, click here.

The pre-sale exhibition will be open to public at Sotheby's New York, London, and Hong Kong locations.

The head of sales at Sotheby’s, Michael Bouhanna, has a very forward thinking outlook regarding Sothebys and NFTs. He and the Sothebys team have obviously given incredible care and consideration putting their best foot forward promoting a diverse group of NFTs and their communities as a whole. There are too many great artists included in this high-profile event to cover them all in a single article. It was sure special seeing the familiar faces of these especially talented artists and devoted NFT community members.

Twin Flames made a fitting and inspired addition to the well rounded curation.Big congrats on the awesome sale. Well earned Justin Aversano!

Many Larva Labs enthusiasts have long suggested that AutoGlyphs have that ‘high art’ look fit for major galleries and auctions.

The Symbol Set #7 AutoGlyph buyer might be the biggest winner of the event! Congratulations on the unbeatable price for such a significant NFT!

As awesome as it is appropriate finding Art Blocks here!

Massive respect and congratulations to all of our friends Art Blocks :)

Can’t wait for the obligatory third season auction!

Oh, and this guy.

I imagine a record breaking price helps, but it’s still not easy letting go.. Great sale @sillytuna!

Congratulations to the new owner as well! It didn’t take long for news of the buyer to spread. Definitely worth checking out Decrypts’ great article covering the details of this historic NFT purchase!

Truly an incredibly significant NFT sale for our time.

The action isn’t over yet...

The variety of groundbreaking art as well as new mediums for the presentation being thoroughly explored by Sothebys are especially validating to the many NFT art creators, supporters, and long-time believers. Frankly, it’s also a very well executed nod to the future prosperity of the metaverse! Their initiative and hard work has certainly not gone unnoticed by members of faithful groups spanning the entire Ethereum NFT ecosystem.

“We see spaces like Decentraland as the next frontier for digital art where artists, collectors and viewers alike can engage with one another from anywhere in the world and showcase art that is fundamentally scarce and unique, but accessible to anyone for viewing” 

With this landmark Sotheby's Natively Digital event wrapping up we have come away with a lot to be excited about! In fact, the only notable drawback of this auction was one we’ve spotted just about everywhere elsewhere in the mainstream auction world... It’s the continued lack of a truly decentralized bidding platform. KYC requirements and approvals made by a central authority. Sidestepping such gatekeepers is an absolute cornerstone of blockchain technology. One essential to unlocking and realizing the full potential of a worldwide decentralized art market.

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