DeafBeef Series-5

DeafBeef Series-5

DeafBeef is relatively new to the NFT scene, starting up in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and selling his first pieces by March 2021. Since his start, he has been super active, selling 220 NFT in four months.

He is an artist that uses code written in C language to generate art pieces with sounds. Each piece directly outputs raw numerical data encodable to sound and visual media. The random hash value that they are minted at influences the musical elements of the pieces. These musical elements that are influenced include tempo, timbre, pitch, and time signature.

“I emerged after seven years living under a rock while my kids were young, to discover that modular synthesizers had come back into style. Having a background in electrical engineering, sound recording, and music, I was excited the culture of synths had re-emerged. However, there was a certain amount of consumerism in the new culture, and I decided to take an alternative ascetic approach of using ‘nothing’ to make music, rather than sink time and money into expensive hardware that many seemed to view as magical ‘black boxes"

Series 5 - Advection

For his 5th series, DeafBeef inspired by the study of fluid motion, bringing the relationship between nature, mathematics, and generative art into one piece. The series is a collection of 8 different generative art pieces. Of the eight, four have been sold, one is locked and reserved for community use, and the last remaining three will be sold off at a later date. 

“This work attempts to express the beauty and harmony found in the overlap of mathematical and physical concepts in different perceptual modalities. The fluid motion model for these animations is based on academic research conducted in 2010. The sounds of struck percussion are synthesized from physical models sharing common principles.”

Pieces sold

Token 216

Bought for 47.25 ETH by FingerprintsDAO

Token 217

Bought for 82 ETH by FingerprintsDAO

Token 218

Bought for 77 ETH by Keyboard Monkey

Token 219

Bought for 61.0575 ETH by Keyboard Monkey

This whole auction is incredible, considering DeafBeef started out four months ago. The growth seen by DeafBeef is remarkable, and it will be exciting to see how much he will grow.

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