Sotheby’s Sensational Natives

Sotheby’s Sensational Natives

On October 7th Sotheby Tweeted of the feature list, sending waves of good vibes among the entire community as it features collectors, themed at crypto natives and seasoned artists.

The lot consists of 53 NFTs from 19 collectors, claimed to be handpicked by the curators at Sotheby’s. This not only asserts the legitimacy as well as an authority on the mainstream. NFTs are a new breed of an asset class that can potentially exist as long as the internet itself.

The full catalogue is yet to be revealed, but we have glimpses of what's coming. Mitchell F Chan’s IKB no.10 is currently owned by Fingerprints DAO. It has the historic significance of being more than 4 years in this space. “Digital natives” truly tributes the work in full respect.

Emyelle Mutant Garden Seeder #2 belong to an experimental collection by Harm Van Den Dorpel currently owned by Fingerprints DAO as well, Which we featured on our gazette #48

Another piece from Fingerprints DAO collection was Glitchbox by DeafBeef, making it an amazing lineup and valuable piece by Fingerprints DAO. 

From the Collection of Token Angels , Rare Pepes were honourably included.

  • Black square button  RAREPEPE (Nakamoto Card)

  • Black square button  PEPENOPOULOS

  • Black square button  PEPEAIR

From the collection of straybits Punk #8527 (“The Bandit Queen”)

From the collection of 888 : Cool cat #160, MoonCats #3174 and Boi bundle by LIŔONA

Paris Hilton collection made the cut with 3 pieces by incredible female artists ( Alycia Rainaud, Serwah Attafuah, ΞVΞNSTAR)

JOYbot by  Joy owned by Pranksy was featured, and what an awesome achievement that is, most of you may recall our sub reward not so long back.

Art blocks generative pieces owned by Danny created by Loren Bednar with  Phase #578 and Hideki Tsukamoto’s Singularity #244. 

4 iconic pieces belonging to Pablo made by the legendary Xcopy and Dmitri Cherniak were featured too. Xcopy works have been selling for millions lately, so we can expect some heavy competition for those.

PleasrDAO powered through the ranks featuring 3 pieces from their holdings created by the talented ix Shells.

Other notable mentions include Mooncats, Creator’s Block and circular release by Jason Seife, Peter Mohrbacher,  among many top artists. Collectors like Pranksy, Steve Aoki and Amir were honoured for their collection.  

Max Moore, Director and Head of contemporary art quoted “We at Sotheby’s deeply admire the role that the collectors have played in the mainstream adoption of NFTs. These select 19 have paved the wave for generations to come with bold and unwavering commitment to the artists and their beautiful works”.

Last week we saw Christie’s featuring NFTS and making their record-breaking sales. Sotheby's is taking it a step further bridging Artists and Collectors with their Natively Digital 1.2, which pays a nice homage to the NFT space and early believers. 

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