Silhouettes: Sercan's Artistic Evolution from Street Art to Web3

Silhouettes: Sercan's Artistic Evolution from Street Art to Web3

Sercan's transformative journey from a street artist wielding spray cans to a pioneering figure in the web3 and NFT space reflects a remarkable evolution, his upcoming collection, "Silhouettes," stands as a testament to his artistic growth and innovative approach to crypto art.

From Graffiti to Generative Art

Beginning his art journey with graffiti and stencil art, Sercan has always found lines to be a crucial element of his expression, his tenure as a CTO, coupled with his passion for art, eventually led him to explore the web3 space, where he transitioned full-time to focus on digitalizing his art into NFTs.

His upcoming collection "Silhouettes" is the culmination of years of artistic exploration, now leveraging Cinema 4D to create generative art that emphasizes simplicity and elegance.

The Inspiration Behind 'Silhouettes'

"Silhouettes" draws heavily from Sercan's extensive curation of over a thousand photos, particularly in nude photography, the collection's stark black and white aesthetic is inspired by the nuances of light, shadow, and the human form, embodying the simplicity found in black and white photography.

Each artwork in the "Silhouettes" collection transcends mere visual representation, inviting viewers into a realm of infinite imagination, Sercan challenges us to look beyond the surface, to perceive the unseen and imagine the unspoken, it is a visual dialogue between the artist and the observer, where the contours of silhouettes serve as a language of their own.

Challenges in Creating 'Silhouettes'

Developing "Silhouettes" posed unique challenges, especially in ensuring diversity within the collection's minimalist framework, Sercan spent months mastering Cinema 4D, experimenting with simple tools to achieve the collection's distinct, wavy aesthetic.

The meticulous process of making each artwork distinct while adhering to a black and white palette showcases Sercan's commitment to innovation and his artistic vision.

The Anticipated Drop Details

Sercan's "Silhouettes" is set to launch on the 19th of February on MagicEden, offering art enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own a piece of this pioneering generative art collection which consists of 999 uniquely crafted pieces, available in two phases to cater to the diverse community of collectors.

The whitelist sale is scheduled to begin at 18:30 CET, with a special price of 0.69 SOL, offering early access to dedicated collectors and supporters, the public sale will follow shortly after, at 19:00 CET, with artworks priced at 0.96 SOL, making the collection accessible to the broader public.

Looking Ahead: Bringing 'Silhouettes' to Life

Sercan's relentless pursuit of innovation continues as he plans to delve into coding and explore on-chain generative art collections further, his journey from spray-painting walls to creating art on the blockchain mirrors the dynamic, ever-changing landscape of art itself.

Beyond the digital realm, Sercan envisions "Silhouettes" as a brand encompassing various products, from coffee table books and apparel to home decor, his experience as a CEO of his own fashion brand before joining web3 positions him uniquely to blend artistic and commercial endeavors, promising an exciting future for the "Silhouettes" brand.

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