BOTTO a Decentralised Autonomous Artist

BOTTO a Decentralised Autonomous Artist

Botto was envisioned by Eleven Yellow Lte, a  crypto native software company established in 2013. They have created open source tools, softwares and online presence for world class artists.

Botto creates 52 art pieces in a week called 'fragments'. The mechanism is simple: the community (those who staked $BOTTO tokens) can vote according to their individual taste and aesthetics. Votes are compiled and fed to the generative algorithm as feedback for the next iteration.

Every week one of the fragments is auctioned off on SuperRare and proceeds are returned back to the community in the form of buying $BOTTO and burning it.

52 artworks are scheduled for 1 year, 1 auction per week.

The first art piece to be minted is scheduled for the 22nd of October 2021 as per the announcement. 

Here the community is in control of the direction of the project. Governance as well as a guide to BOTTO for its learning and generation of pieces.

Botto team airdropped $BOTTO tokens to all the holders of Major Blue chip collections as a bootstrapping campaign.

More than 22K wallets got the airdrop and it is based on qualifying projects interaction and collection depth. BOTTO token has 100,000,000 maximum supply. Token allocation is fair and square.

  • 30% was allocated to Airdrop.
  • 20% belongs to the core team.
  • 30% to the treasury 
  • 20% for liquidity mining 

Botto is an amalgamation of DeFi and NFT with decentralisation in the core ethos. Connecting communities with a bond of shared visual aesthetics.

There are no VCs dumping threats, seed rounds, high influencer marketing or those paid shills you see from social media. It is about underlying fundamentals and delivering value products or services. From what we have seen, botto look promising, 22nd October will be a milestone day.


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