You can follow the link if you want to read more about this AI generative art project by Nate. TLDR version: Every 4hrs approx there are ink slots available to buy, it costs 0.027 currently per ink slot, 100 slots available, when they sell out there is a lucky ink holder that gets rewarded the squiggly. Only 100 squigglies will ever exist. Ink slots sell out in seconds then it takes 4 hrs for the next auction to start.

The whole project was done by Natealex who also is the creator of and a really cool guy for those who know him.

Squigglies have started to sell on the secondary market for 6 - 7.5 eth, these listings are going fast as it is really hard to buy ink in time to mint a squiggly and also not guaranteed you'll get one, so i would characterize these as cheap amazing deals.

The team behind The tiny Crypto Art Gallery first purchased crypto in 2017 for CryptoKitties. There are no whales behind this project.

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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