September Review

September Review

This year has been mostly dominated by NFTs compared to DeFi which had its own season last year and the beginning of this year till may. July saw a surge in NFT activities and it is still continuing. Below chart is a testament to that, and please note we are measuring only Ethereum mainnet volume.

Zerion has updated their UI and it allows you to view and showcase NFTs with ease on mobile devices and apple watches too 🌇

TikTok announced an NFT collection named ‘TikTok Top Moments’ to be launched on Starkware’s immutableX.

Vincent Van Dough, Su Zhu and Kyle Davies team up to create an NFT focussed fund called starry night capital.

Justin Taylor from Twitter showed a sneak peek of Twitter NFT integration.

Sorare raised $680 Million from Softbank

Sotheby’s Auctioned BAYC Apes for $24.3 Million

Known Origin introduces Triple Lock Royalties

Paradigm developing NFT perpetuals

D&G NFT collection sold for 1885.7 ETH

Genie getting ready to roll out in full scale, trials were successful. A useful platform for bundle sales.

Deafbeef released Text NFT called FIRST to raise 56 ETH for a charity known as GiveDirectly

Matt DesLauriers Art blocks project meridian Hit 20 ETH Floor.

Loot community launched Loot exchange offering floor below the Opensea range

Larva Lab signed Punks, Meebits, & Glyphs with Hollywood Talent Agency

Axie Infinity Staking went live with insane APR

Top 20 Sales of the Month

  1. CryptoPunk #8857 sells for 2000 ETH 
  2. Ringers #879 sells for 1800 ETH
  3. CryptoPunk #6275 sells for 1319 ETH
  4. XCOPY Some Asshole sold for 1300 ETH
  5. XCOPY All Time High in the City sold for 1000 ETH
  6. Fidenza #77 sold for 950 ETH
  7. Chromie Squiggle #4697 sold for 945 ETH
  8. Chromie Squiggle #7583 sold for 922.5 ETH
  9. CryptoPunk #8888 sells for 888 ETH
  10. BAYC #2087 sold for 769 ETH
  11. BAYC#3749 sells for 740 ETH
  12. BAYC #7090 sells for 600 ETH
  13. BAYC#8135 sells for 550 ETH
  14. Twin Flames #49 fractional sells for 506 ETH
  15. Chromie Squiggle #6339 sells for 485 ETH
  16. Fidenza #547 sells for 460 ETH
  17. CryptoPunk #6721 sold for 449 ETH
  18. Chromie Squiggle #2855 sold for 420 ETH
  19. Autoglyph #336 sells for 384Ξ
  20. Autoglyph #378 sold for 360Ξ

PS: Special mention and aggregation credits to Crypto Gucci.

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